Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Appealing Proposal by Jambrea Jo Jones

Ellora's Cave

Attorney Becca Scott didn’t have time for love. She also didn’t have time for Samson Roust—no matter how tempting he might be. He stole her promotion, no way was he stealing her heart.
Becca had worked hard to show the old boys’ club she fit in. It was her time to shine. What she didn’t count on was wanting more. She didn’t want to lose control, so a contract seemed like a brilliant idea. Maybe if the proposal of love was appealing enough, she could give in.
Should she close the case on love or wait for the cross examination?
Pressing her lips to his, she searched for his tongue. Rob’s arms encircled her waist, his fingers massaging her ass through her coat. The fabric an annoying barrier, she brought her hands between them and undid the top two buttons. His hands left her ass,  came up to grip her wrists, and he broke the kiss.

“You’re taking your coat off?”

His widened eyes and the surprise in his voice pushed laughter from her, and she moved her hands down to the third button. His grip loosened, then he glanced back up the path before returning his gaze to her face. With shaking hands, he undid the fourth button and opened her coat. Rob sucked in a breath.

With minutes to spare, I entered Conference Room B. Samson sat at the table going over some papers in front of him. He looked so handsome sitting there I wanted to ruffle him. Why did it take so long for me to see him as a man? Me and my stupid competitive nature, damn it. Well I was ready now and I liked what I saw.

He glanced up, catching me staring and I tried not to blush.

“You ready, Becca?”

I liked the way my name rolled off his tongue. His tongue. Oh great, now my mind was going back in the gutter and we really did have work to get done tonight.


“Wha—oh, yes?”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. I have my notes here for you to go through.”

“That would be great. You up for doing the closing arguments? You’ve done most of the legwork.”

I walked to where he sat and handed him my notes. “Yes, I’m up for it. Is there anything you would change? I think I’ve covered everything. How far do you think we are from closing?”

“I would guess one more day of testimony, another in cross examination, and then closing. The earliest will be next week.”

“Okay, that gives me a little more time to prepare and fine tune. Are there any questions we should be prepared for that I haven’t thought of?”

“I think most of it is pretty standard unless the defendant throws us for a loop. He’s last up on the stand. As long as he doesn’t crack under cross examination we’ll be good.”

“It looks like we have everything under control, so why did you book the conference room?”

I was still standing beside him. He shifted his chair back to pull me into his lap.

 “I knew the building would be clear tonight so I could get you alone.”

“Um…Ahh.” I bit my lip. This wasn’t going the way I expected it to. He was taking away my control over the situation. I didn’t know if I liked that or not. I liked to be in charge and I still had to lay out the rules.

“Rebecca Scott, have I rendered you speechless? I’d better mark my calendar.”

I jumped off his lap and backed away. No way, not like this. I had a plan. He couldn’t just take over. I was in charge.

“Not speechless, I’m just thinking. There’s something you should see before we continue. I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”

I didn’t give him a chance to answer as I rushed out the door to my office. The contract, where did I leave the damn thing? It was nowhere near finished, but I wanted to have a little control. I searched in the papers on my desk, grabbed it and raced back. I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, getting myself together. I wanted to have the power. Or maybe I needed to have it, along with the rules. They were my safety net.

When I entered the room again I made sure to shut and lock the door. Just in case. You never knew with lawyers. They came and went at all times around the office. He still sat in the same spot. Good, my neuroses hadn’t scared him off—yet. Maybe there was hope for us.

“Where did you go?”

“I left something in my office. Something for us. Here.”

I handed him the contract and sat down in the chair next to him. He looked down at the papers and then back at me. He peered into my eyes for a second and I released a breath at the lust I saw there. When he looked back at the contract and started to read the connection broke, giving me time to get myself under control.

A couple minutes went by and he didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I started to chew my thumbnail. A bad habit, but I couldn’t seem to break it.

“What is this?” He waved the papers at me.

“What do you mean, what is it? It’s a contract.” Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. What if he didn’t want sex? Wait, now I was being silly. I saw how he looked at me. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. Shit, this could go bad, quickly.

“Why would you write up a contract for sex?” He seemed perplexed.

“Because we work together and technically you’re my boss. We need to establish rules.”

“Maybe, but a contract? Are you serious?”

I started to chew on my nail again. He had a funny look on his face.

“Yes. I-I am. I’m a firm believer in rules.”

“I am too, but does this…” He leaned into me, but he didn’t go for my lips like I expected him to. He went for my neck. I never knew how sensitive that spot was until he licked me. “Call for rules?”

 “Oh my god,” I moaned.

He didn’t stop with a lick, he started to nibble and bite. I loved it. Then he stopped.

“Should I continue, Becca?”

How could he even ask me this question?


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