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Roped And Branded by KyAnn Waters

Roped and Branded
by KyAnn Waters
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Price $4.45

Southern Texas is in the grips of a heat wave and DaniLee Hunter needs a distraction. The man she wants refuses to see she's a
ll grown up, but the sexy ranch hand Waco is more than willing for an erotic roll in the hay.

Everything in South Texas stings, bites, or prickles...including Cord Stiles. As foreman of the Iron H, he has enough to deal with--including his growing attraction for DaniLee. She's wild and reckless--and impossible to ignore. It's time she's roped and branded...and he's just the man to do it.

The stakes are high in a late night poke-her game. Cord, Dani and Waco lay their cards are on the table. Winner takes all.


"Dani, slow down."

"We can't." DaniLee Hunter chuckled. She wasn't sure of the cowboy's real name because everyone called him Waco. She glanced from his dreamy, moss green eyes to the tempting bulge of his cock beneath the brass buckle cinching the waist of his faded Wranglers. She traced the impression of the rodeo steer on the belt buckle. Waco groaned and his bulge flexed.

Dani grabbed his shirt and yanked. Snaps popped and the fabric parted. She stared, mesmerized by the tough, lean muscle and skin bronzed by wind and sun. She trailed a finger down his sternum and over his corded abdominals. His flesh quivered under her fingertips. Damn, the man was cut.

Ranch work hardened a body, even hers. She'd been called a tomboy since she climbed onto that first paint at four years old. At twenty-three, she was grown up and no longer had the small, lean build of a boy. She insisted she be treated like one of the men, but didn't have to look like one.

Waco grinned, shifted his broad shoulders and shrugged the shirt from his body. "We're playing with fire." His gaze darted to the closed barn door. "If your daddy--"

"Are you afraid to get burned?" She cocked her head to the side and slipped the button of her sleeveless cotton shirt free. "Feel how hot I am." Another button. Her shirt gaped.

Waco's stare dropped from her face to her exposed cleavage and his eyes darkened. "Fuck, Dani, how is a man supposed to keep his head around you?" He grazed a work-rough knuckle across a beaded nipple. Pleasure snaked from tip to clit.

"Oh baby, you aren't." She stepped closer and took Waco's tan cowboy hat from his head. Sweat dampened the chestnut curls at his temples. He wore his hair long enough to run her fingers though, and hold on tight to while she sat on his face and rode his thin mustache.

She laughed as Waco impatiently pushed her into an empty horse stall. Her boots crunched the fresh straw on the dirt floor. The musky scent of horse and hay hung in the air.

He worked his belt loose. "There will be hell to pay if we get caught." His voice held an edge of laughter.

"That's part of the excitement." She arched one eyebrow and smirked. "And you know it isn't gentlemanly to tell a girl she isn't worth a little risk."

"I never professed to be a gentleman."

"Good because I don't want gentle."

He chuckled and jerked the zipper down. "I think you know you're worth a trip through hell." He parted the fly and his cock thrust forward from a thatch of dark springy hair.

"Yeah, I know all about you and your hedonistic ways. As long as it feels good--"

A devilish smile tilted his lips. "And, fuck, that feels good." She held his thick length in both hands and squeezed as he hardened further. Soft, smooth skin stretched tight over solid steel. The large bulbous head darkened to a deep red and pearly liquid seeped from the slit. She stroked him once...twice. Her grip was firm and she slid the skin over his rod.

He leaned his head back against the wood beam between stalls and hissed. "Harder, Dani." She squeezed, but his shaft was like rock. "Damn, your hands are strong."

So was her determination. She squatted into the fresh hay. Waco's dick was long and thick with veins bulging in high relief. A rich, earthy smell clung to his skin. She breathed deep, leaned in and tasted his length from base to tip. She circled the crown with her tongue, then took him between her lips and sucked.

Waco fisted his hands at his sides and thrust his hips toward her face. God, everything about the man was whipcord lean. His muscular thighs bent, giving her a better position to take more of his shaft into her mouth. She hummed in the back of her throat and savored the hard, heated length.

His velvety flesh was salty sweet and pulsed within her mouth. She curled her tongue around the ridge then flicked the tip against the slit. Her left hand wrapped around the back of his thigh and her right twisted gently and pumped his cock. She sucked hard, fist meeting mouth in the middle, making him wet and slick with saliva. She pumped faster, working her mouth up and down the shaft.

The barn door rattled.

"Who's there?" Waco jerked his hips, pulled free of her mouth and spun toward the door.

"It's only the wind." She laughed and fell back onto her butt. "Are you that worried about being caught with me?" She reclined back on her elbows and stretched her legs out in front of her. "We're just having fun."

Waco dropped to the ground beside her. "I happen to like working on the Iron H. Your dad is a good man." He circled her bellybutton with the blunt tip of his finger. Her tummy quivered as he traced a squiggly pattern higher.

"My daddy is at the house." She glanced around the vacant barn. "We're alone." She trailed her fingertips up his forearm, combing the soft, dark hairs with her nails. "It's just you and me."

Waco cupped her breast and rasped his thumb over the taut tip. "Ray isn't the problem--it's your keeper."

"I don't have a keeper," she said as if she meant it.

Waco snorted.

"I don't. Cord Stiles has no say in what I do." She kicked off her boots. "I do who and what I want." And she wanted to do Waco. Dani lifted her hips and shimmied off her worn jeans. Then she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down into the hay with her. "Less talk, cowboy."

Waco's lips were firm and demanding, but Dani knew what she liked and how she liked it and he wasn't aggressive enough. She spread her thighs and he maneuvered between them, grinding his rigid cock against her mound. With a shift of his hips, he emulated the slow thrusting of long, deep strokes. Only she still wore her thong. The string was soaked and rubbing against her sensitive clit.

She opened her mouth and glided her tongue along his. Sucking, nibbling and tasting fresh air and raw man. Her heart pounded against her ribs and her tummy fluttered. The delicious cock riding between her legs had her hotter than the Texas sun at high noon.

DaniLee wrapped her arms around his tapered torso and her legs around his lean hips. He groaned and plunged his hot, wet tongue deep into her mouth. Dani ate at his lips, but was growing tired of foreplay. She wanted to ride in his rodeo--wanted Waco to ride her hard and fast. Her pussy clenched, needing to be crammed full of his cock. She didn't want soft and gentle, but wanted on her hands and knees while he drove his dick into her cunt and thoroughly fucked her from behind.

"What the hell are you doing? Get the fuck off her!"

"Holy shit!" Waco leapt off, jerked up his pants, nearly zipping off his beautiful erection. Now that would have been a damn shame.

"Cord! Don't you knock?" Dani flopped back into the hay and draped one arm over her closed eyes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soul Keeper by Natalie Dae

Ellora's Cave

Carrie Marsh anxiously awaits her online lover of two years, pacing the station in her stylish red coat with nothing but luxurious black lingerie underneath and stilettos on her feet. Will Rob Edwards be on the train from Scotland? Will the attraction still live in person? Can Carrie stave off the first orgasm anticipation and silk are driving her toward? Excitement spirals through Carrie, for she has planned a night to remember.

Rob is shy, and Carrie intends to show him how to unleash his sexy side during a series of sexual encounters. But once he arrives, leaning against that lamppost, she can't wait until they get to the hotel, let alone a bed. No. They hardly make it to the first tree, where anyone could spot their antics. But after an evening of passion and bubble bath they know, each has found their soul keeper.

“You only have underwear on? Jesus Christ, woman!”

She laughed again, head thrown back, and his lips met her exposed neck. Shivers of delight wended up and down her spine, the heat of his breath and the cold winter air inciting a rash of goose flesh to pepper her skin. His hands snaked inside her coat, palms trailing up and down her waist, thumbs smoothing over her rib cage. Carrie lowered her head, watched him taking in the sight of her body, and fuck, she wanted him inside her now.

Shirking off her coat, she handed it to him. He draped it over one arm and, mouth agape, stared at her as she walked backward to the gate.

“Come on,” she said, the thrill of being so wanton, so daring, spiking her need.

Carrie turned her back to him and raised one foot, placing it on a gate rung. His sharp intake of breath made her want to laugh with the power she had over this shy, beautiful man. With one foot on the rung above the other, she hoisted her leg over and sat on the top rail, hands gripping it so she didn’t fall. She turned her head to face him, the cold metal heaven on her hot cunt.

“Are you game?” she asked, eyebrows rising.

“Aren’t you cold?” He stepped toward her, the coat held out so she could put it on.

Carrie swung one leg over and lowered herself into the field. Hand on hips, she sucked in her tummy and pushed out her chest. “You coming in?”

Rob hung the coat over his arm again, his mouth working to speak but no sound coming out. The streetlight at the far end of the narrow path enveloped him, lent his flushed cheeks a peach tinge. He blinked, eyes wide, and lifted one foot to the gate.

He shook his head. “You are crazy. What have I got myself into?” He smiled and climbed over the gate, dropping to the other side. Coat held out once more, he coaxed, “Come on, sweetheart. Put this back on. Please. I don’t want you getting cold.”

Carrie bent down to remove her shoes and sidestepped away from the gate.

“Love,” he said, “There’s probably cow’s shit in here. And you’ve got bare feet!”

An unstoppable giggle burst from her mouth, and she turned from him and ran along the tree line. His sigh of defeat chased her on the breeze, and soon his footsteps followed. She swung around and ran in reverse, toes digging into the wet, mulch-ridden ground. Out of breath from the exhilaration flying through her, she slowed to a stop beside a huge oak. Its branches stretched over them, the leafless limbs useless in protecting them should it rain. Backing up, she rested her ass and shoulders against it, the bark damp on her skin, its mossy aroma sharp in her nose. She dropped her shoes.

Rob caught up and stood a few feet before her, coat clutched in his fists. Carrie widened her legs, nestling her feet against roots that jutted from the ground. The cold air a balm on her hot skin, she brought one hand to rest on her stomach, the other to her lips. She sucked her index finger, then pulled it out, licking its length with deliberate slowness.

“God, Carrie. Stop!” Rob peered through the trees to the main road. A car whooshed by. “Someone will see us!”

“No they won’t.” She stared at him, lowering her finger to one breast, circling the nipple through the satin bra. Her other hand slid toward her crotch, and she cupped it, pressing the heel against her clit. “Come here.”

He looked from her to the coat and held it up, glancing around for a place to put it.

“Sling it on the ground and come and fuck me.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

Talk Dirty To Me by Tory Richards

Ellora's Cave

Lilly has been in love with her brother’s best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he’s back for her brother’s wedding, and he’s as sexy as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly’s even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don’t make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off limits!


Lilly collapsed against him. God, it was just like old times. And she’d made it so easy for him. Damn it! She wasn’t going to let him break her heart again! But she wasn’t going to dwell over what she couldn’t change either, and besides, she’d thoroughly enjoyed their quickie.

As they straightened their clothes and prepared to leave, he asked, “So, what’s the plan?”

“I take you home with me. You can use Ross’ room until he comes home tomorrow. I hope you like pizza and wine because that’s what I intend to have for dinner.” Hopefully there was an extra bottle of wine stashed in the fridge.

“All I want for now is a shower, a bed, and some more of you.”

Now was a good time to lay down the law. She had let her desire get the best of her once but that had been temporary insanity. She took a deep breath. “Speaking of bed, you’ll be in it alone Blake. There’ll be no more kissing or touching or anything else between us while you’re here.”

He chuckled. “You weren’t complaining a minute ago.”

She was still flushed from their mutual satisfaction. “I mean it, Blake. You can’t continue to come back into my life every few months or a year, turn it upside down and then just leave again. I didn’t want to pick you up, I didn’t want to see you again, and I have a boyfriend.” She was amazed at how easily the lies slipped from her lips. Almost as easily as her mouth had devoured his cock a moment ago.

“Relax baby, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

Lilly had her doubts. She’d never been able to resist him. Blake had the moves and he’d never been afraid to put them on her before. Even a glance could turn her knees to jelly. And she was weak where he was concerned. He knew that, she was sure.

She focused on the road the rest of the way home, and tried not to imagine a naked, sexy Blake in her shower.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Thursday by Mari Carr

Ellora's Cave

Wooowee! If you've followed the series, you know this will be a treat! AND you get two for the price of one. Who could resist a double dose of hotties!

Wild Irish, Book Four

In high school, Lily was too shy to do anything about her feelings for her best friends, Justin and Killian. Now she’s ready to put to rest her regrets with a proposal that might shock even her oversexed friends—the three of them, together, one night, multiple positions.

K and J are more than a little surprised to see Lily at their ten-year reunion. The plain Jane they remember is now a stunning woman—who wants to have sex with both of them. Who are they to deny her? Even if Killian suspects they might be treading on dangerous emotional territory.

The night stretches into the weekend and, as K suspected, none of them want it to end. But he and Lily know people live in pairs, not trios, and they call a halt now, before it’s too late.

Justin, however, knows a good thing when he sees it. He’s ready to fight for what he wants…what they all need. He just has to convince Lily and Killian that unconventional can also be extraordinary.

“I was wondering if I could drag you away for a moment, Lily. I’d love for you to meet my wife,” Chandler  said.

“I’d like that. Will you guys excuse me for a few minutes?”

They nodded and Justin watched Lily cross the room with Chandler. They stopped before a petite woman in a wheelchair and Justin felt guilty for not making more of an effort to befriend Chandler in high school. While he hadn’t participated in the bullying, he hadn’t expended any effort to get to know the guy either.

“Nice guy, that Chandler,” Justin said when they were alone.

“What the hell are you doing?” Killian asked.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Were you not sitting at this table and listening to the same things I was? Lily wants to release her inner bad girl tonight…with both of us! This is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Killian narrowed his eyes, his nostrils flaring with anger. “Opportunity? You think thrusting Lily into a ménage is an opportunity?”

Justin put his hands on his hips. “That’s a rhetorical question, right?”

“Goddamn it, Justin. This is Lily you’re talking about. Not some hook up from a bar. You can’t seriously think she understands what she’s agreeing to?”

“I think she just made it pretty clear she’d jump both of us in a New York minute if we offered the ride.” His words had come out more callously than he’d intended, but he was fighting back some serious demons tonight and Killian’s holier-than-thou attitude was tweaking his nerves.

“You prick.”

Killian’s fists clenched and Justin wondered if his friend would actually hit him here. They’d fought before. He had a fierce temper, while Killian’s tended to be a slow burn. On occasion, they’d both reached the boiling point at the same time. Mercifully those times were few and far between, since they were pretty evenly matched in a fight and they suffered for their anger for days afterward.

“Takes one to know one.”

“You’re an insensitive motherfucker sometimes.” Killian’s words were spoken quietly, but the malice was clearly there.

“Watch it, K. I’d hate to mess up your nice clothes but if you throw a punch, I’m fucking bringing it.”

Killian looked around the reception hall before closing his eyes and Justin imagined he was counting to ten in his head. When he opened them, Justin knew the heated moment had passed. He often wondered how Killian was able to pull himself together like that—so quickly, so effortlessly.

When he spoke again, his voice was calmer, reasonable. “It’s Lily, Justin.”

“I know!” he replied hotly, then repeated himself, his cockiness fading away. “I know.”

“You know it’s Lily and yet you’re still willing to involve her in a ménage. I don’t give a shit how sexy she looks or how much she flirts with us, she’s still innocent.”

Justin considered his friend’s words. “I don’t think she’s as innocent as you believe. And even if she is, she was serious about taking a walk on the wild side, K. I figure she can do that with us or she can find a stranger or two—who might not be as careful with her as we would.”

“No.” Killian shook his head. “We’re not going there. Not with her.”

The adamant look on his friend’s face took him aback. “Why not?”

Killian frowned and dropped back down into his chair. “Jesus, Justin. You know, at some point you’re gonna have to face the fact that there are consequences to every action.”

Justin sat on the edge of his chair, Killian’s words running through him like sandpaper. “I don’t need a fucking sermon from you, K. I get enough of those from my father. I just don’t see why giving Lily a night to explore her fantasies would have any other consequences than we’d all get laid and be happy.”

“I don’t picture Lily as a one-night-stand kind of girl.”

“You heard her, Killian. You heard her say she wanted to have a little fun. Fine. We’ll lay it all out on the line for her. You can issue your gloom and doom and dire warnings and we’ll let her decide. She’s an adult. Regardless of who she was to us a decade ago, she’s changed. You’re protecting the memory of the shy girl she was. Why not try to get to know the woman she’s grown into?”

“Yeah.” Lily’s voice drifted down from above them. “Why not get to know me now?”

Justin looked up and wondered how much of their conversation she’d heard. He’d expected to see anger on her face, but instead she simply looked…beautiful. Christ. He tried to ignore the small voice in the back of his head that said he really was a heartless bastard.

She smiled serenely and took her seat between them again. “Still trying to protect me, Killian?”

Killian shrugged. “I’m not sure you know what you’re asking for, Lil.”

She looked at his friend, reaching over to take Killian’s large hand in her own. “I know exactly what I’m asking for, and I knew before I came here tonight that if there was the slightest chance of capturing your attention, I’d take it.” She glanced over her shoulder to include Justin in the “your”.

“God, K. I don’t think you understand how much I want to do this. I’m sick of coloring inside the lines all the time. I want to grab hold of this opportunity to be free and wild and uninhibited—for just one night. I don’t want to look back at my life in fifty years and realize I never did one daring thing. I’m tired of regrets.”

“If we do this—” Killian started.

She placed her finger over his lips. “When we do this,” she corrected.

“We call the shots. We decide what your limits are. If you can’t agree to that, then no deal.”

Justin fought the urge to contradict Killian’s threat. “We’ll give you what you want, Lily. We’ll take care of you.”

She ran a manicured hand through her long, dark hair, pushing it behind her shoulder, and his breath caught at the way the movement thrust her breasts forward. Where the hell had this Lily come from? Her every movement seemed to scream sex and seduction.

She’d been with him and Killian throughout their teen years and he’d always thought she was cute, but this woman? Holy crap. He’d never approached her sexually in high school because she was too sweet, too innocent, too…well, unavailable. She hadn’t been kidding about the ever-watchful eyes of her parents. To say they kept her under their thumb was an understatement. Plus, the younger Lily had given off some serious untouchable vibes, where this older, more mature Lily was sending up a beacon he’d have to be a blind man to miss.

“I can take care of myself.” Her voice was low, husky and sure, and Justin grimaced at the ever-growing tightness in his pants. Damn zipper was chafing his cock. This was the last time he went commando.

Killian sighed. “Yeah, well, I don’t know why you’re so sure we’re your ‘wild side’ guys. It’s been ten years, Lily. Don’t you think there’s a chance we’ve changed a bit?”

“I know we haven’t seen each other, but I’ve read your letters, your emails over the years. I think I know exactly what kind of men you are.” She ran her hands along her thighs nervously. “I’ve missed a lot of opportunities in my past and I regret that fact. I want to be someone different and I figure tonight could kick off my new future in style.” She thrust out her breasts and fluffed her hair, feigning sex appeal with her quirky sense of humor. “Besides, I bought this new outfit, got a fancy haircut, practiced walking in these damn heels—all just for you two.”

They laughed, but her words touched something inside Justin. If there was one thing he could understand, it was regrets. It was as if she could see inside his head. She was a good friend, but regardless of the fact she was dressed to kill, she was treading on unfamiliar ground.

Rather than acknowledge how much her comments touched him, he reverted to form and made a joke. “Jesus. Twenty-eight years old and you’re still doing your homework.”

Lily grinned, leaning forward and giving him an eyeful of her cleavage. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Hell no,” he said, expelling a breath on the words.

“You know, it’s a far cry from us being friends to us being willing participants of a ménage. What makes you think Justin and I would go for something like that?”

Justin narrowed his eyes at Killian’s comment.

“I was your friend in high school,” she said. “And I’ve never been an idiot. I heard the rumors, the whispers of the other girls in the locker room.”

Justin leaned back for a moment and considered her answer. She’d heard about them. All these years, she’d known about their penchant for sharing.

Killian’s hand moved from the back of her chair to her face. He cupped the back of her head, forcing her to look at him.

“Haven’t you ever heard that expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for’?”

She offered them both a cute, gentle smile, her face artlessly pleading. “It’s just one wish, K, one night. Please.”

“Damn. Power look,” Killian muttered and his hand dropped to his lap.

She paused, obviously confused, but Justin understood exactly what his friend was talking about. She’d taken him down with that look too and he was pretty sure neither one of them was going to refuse her a damn thing tonight.

“Do you even know what you’re asking for?” Killian added.

She narrowed her eyes, annoyed. “I’m not thick, Killian. I know what I want to happen tonight.”

Justin leaned even closer. “Tell us. Put it in words.”

She grinned at his challenge and he was blown away by the daring woman facing him down. “Sex. You, me, K. Bed optional. As many positions as we can squeeze into the night.”

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kenna's Cowboy by Nicole Austin

Ellora's Cave

Hearts of Fire, Book Four

If you're looking for a hot and steamy read, check this one out.

Cursed with unusual abilities, orphan McKenna Fulton has always been different—an outcast. But she’s been Chosen. More accurately, she is one of the Chosen. Eight individuals—four women and four men—selected at birth to guard slices of crystal. The Heart of Fire.

The whole thing is more than a little farfetched. Kenna can handle the part of getting down and dirty with the bad dude. She’s even okay with guarding a crystal. But losing her free will and being stuck with some guy, her destined mate, uh-uh. Not happening.

Local mechanic Ryker Thomas is more than he appears and has his own set of abilities. Kenna wants nothing to do with the southern charmer. So what if he has a matching crystal and the damn thing hums and vibrates whenever they’re close together. That doesn’t mean she’ll toe the line.

He can’t be the one she’s supposed to be with. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to send her a cowboy when what she wants is a bad boy.

Slipping through the night, merging as one with shadows, she sought solace in the cloak of darkness. Quiet sounds of life provided a balm for her wary soul. Musical chirping of crickets, an owl’s hooted inquiry, the deep-throated croak from a frog. This is where she was meant to be, where she thrived, far from the harsh realities of daylight.

Heavy wooden doors slid shut without the slightest whisper. Motionless, Kenna extended her senses to detect any potential threat. She breathed slow and easy. The distinctive sweet and slightly musty scent of ancient books combined with the familiar lemony tang of wood cleaner to create a comforting aroma.

Moonlight filtered through colorful stained glass windows to play over various surfaces before being absorbed by dark paneled walls. Her attention shot across the room, latching onto a small table before the altar. Three fat ivory candles on a silver tray cast a small halo of flickering light over the area, but failed to relieve the antsy feeling crawling up her spine.

The objects were out of place, not belonging there. She didn’t belong here anymore either. Her bags were packed, and even though she hated the idea, Kenna was ready to go.

She’d felt out of sorts since the headmistress, Angela Raguel, had requested this midnight meeting in the chapel. But nothing had been right since her “sisters” had begun leaving the safety of the Gideon House—the orphanage where they’d grown up. Kenna missed the closeness of sharing her life with the others.

De’alla, Charlotte and Memory may not be blood relatives but where it truly mattered—in their hearts—they were her sisters. And one by one, on their eighteenth birthday, each had left home and headed out into world alone.

Okay, so all of her sisters were…different. Anglea said they were blessed. Kenna figured their abilities were more of a curse. But their unique differences had formed a deeply ingrained bond between the foursome. An unbreakable, lifelong bond.

The oldest, Memory, had been the first to leave. Bold and outgoing, she had the amazing ability to take an image from her mind and reveal it upon paper or film. She used the talent working as a photographer and was headed for great success.

Next to go had been wickedly-smart De’alla. Dee had the incredible ability to control water and communicate with the forces of nature. Multilingual and business savvy, she was out there shaking things up in Japan. She’d gone the farthest from home and was sorely missed.

Then there was Charlotte, who had been gone for eight long moths. She was closest to Kenna, not only in age, so her departure had hurt the most. Charlotte had the ability to sense the auras and emotions of others. Bombarded and overwhelmed, she preferred the solitude of writing and gardening. She was a loner, like Kenna.

Kenna was the youngest—the last. The baby. Not that she needed to be babied. Far from it. Her touch of intuition had always made her edgy, but her true ability was psychokinesis. She manipulated and directed energies with her mind and released them through her body, which made her one hell of an excellent fighter. Martial arts, street fighting, weapons, she’d trained in them all and become a lethal opponent. Too bad she had no useful career-type outlet for her unique skill set. Kicking ass didn’t show up in many job descriptions.

Bells chimed twelve, the stroke of midnight. Her eighteenth birthday. She was now a woman and would have to leave home. Go out and make her place in the world as her sisters had. A terrifying prospect because Kenna didn’t have the faintest idea of what to do with herself. Her chest ached as she imagined herself to be a tiny rowboat set adrift on a vast, turbulent sea without an anchor.

“Come, child. Avoiding the future will not make it go away. It is time.”

She glanced at Angela, taking in her ethereal beauty as the headmistress moved into the golden arc of candlelight. Pale blonde curls framed her sweet face and accented crystalline blue eyes. The flowing ceremonial gown and robes added to her angelic appearance.

“Happy birthday, McKenna. Your last night at home. The last one of my girls to leave.” Angela sniffed and batted away tears. “Before you go, I have something for you.”

Kenna shuffled her feet. She’d always been awkward when receiving gifts, never knowing what to do with her hands or what to say.

Angela drew something from her pocket and extended her hand. “Come closer, child. It’s not going to bite.”

Reaching out, Kenna held her breath as she touched the warm links of a silver chain like the ones her sisters wore. She knew about the gifts each girl received on her birthday but nothing more. Had seen them around her sisters’ necks. They’d never kept secrets from each other before. In this one thing they’d kept quiet, which made her feel as if the necklaces drove a wedge between them.

She lifted the necklace, careful to hold a hand beneath it in case she fumbled. The irregular-shaped crystal dangling from the end captivated her. Candlelight refracted off sharp angles to reveal something within the heart of the pink shard. She detected indistinct shapes or spots within the cloudy depths of the rose quartz, an elusive blending of energy.

Kenna gasped as what she’d noticed clarified, taking on form. Within the crystal were four imperfections. Dark red drops that looked suspiciously like blood.

“Oh great. The other girls got pretty, shiny crystals and I get a cloudy pink one that’s bleeding.” Apropos as it may be, it still sucked.

“Rose quartz is strong. The red drops make it a powerful warrior’s crystal to help you master control and to calm your fear of enemies.”

“I’m not afraid of anyone.”

Angela continued to speak, only Kenna didn’t hear the sound with her ears. The voice whispered softly through her mind as her focus remained locked on the crystal.

“In the world outside our sanctuary you will be seen as an outcast. A lost, forgotten soul of little consequence or worth. Keep the truth sheltered in your heart, child. You are special. Blessed. You have unique gifts and have been selected to protect the future of all mankind. You, McKenna, are one of the Chosen.”

What the hell?

Kenna could only stare and wonder what the woman was babbling on about. Nobody would choose a misfit orphan to defend the future. The world was in a heap of trouble if it was relying on her. But she’d never seen the headmistress this solemn. Angela believed what she was saying, that Kenna would somehow save the world. She put the necklace back in Angela’s hand.

There was no holding back. Laughter started in her belly, built in her chest and erupted from her throat. “Save the world. Me? Yeah, right. Good one, Ang. You been hitting the ceremonial wine?”

Angela sighed. With a tired smile, she placed the necklace around Kenna’s neck.

Gathering her long hair, Kenna moved it from beneath the links, feeling as if her shoulders bore a hefty weight. The damn thing was a burden, an albatross to drag her down. Yet as the crystal settled between her breasts something strange happened. An electrical energy vibrated from the core of the gem, gathered strength and slammed into her with the force of a Mack truck hitting a brick wall.


Her knees shook and she had the sudden urge to run. From what she didn’t know. Restlessness surged and she itched for a good fight. Her hands dropped to the daggers strapped to her thighs.

Angela gripped Kenna’s wrists and stared into her eyes, doing that funky thing again, talking in Kenna’s mind. “Hear me well, child.”

A series of images streamed through her brain, her own private movie screening. Shame she didn’t have any popcorn or Raisinets. Kenna shifted, hating the inaction, longing to have something to focus her energy on. An opponent to fight.

She saw a great city built on a foundation of sparkling crystals in a rainbow of colors. The residents were in danger. A dark magic rocked their world with a massive force, creating a great tidal wave that swamped the city and killed its people. The story resonated in her heart— part memory, part Angela’s voice narrating the tale.

“Everything in the universe must have balance. For light to exist there must also be darkness. There must be good to counteract the bad, male to compliment female, and so on.

“Back when the world was new, the ancients foresaw the death and rebirth of their race. To maintain balance, they created the Heart of Fire. Born of the earth, created from the elements, the Heart represents all that made Atlantis. Each of the eight pieces balances the others. Apart, the individual pieces are innocuous. When combined into four pairs there is great strength. Unite all eight pieces and the power is infinite.”

Oh no way. Kenna had an inkling of where this all led and she didn’t want to go down that path. As if sensing her thoughts, Angela confirmed her suspicions.

“De’alla, Memory, Charlotte and now you, each have a piece of the crystal octagon for safe keeping. Your counterparts have the other pieces.”

Kenna held up a hand. “Wait, let me guess. The real reason you’re kicking me out on my birthday is to make me go out and find my counterpart—a man. Once we all find our guys then we’ll bring the eight crystals together, unleash the awesome and incredible power. We’ll start our own Atlantis, procreate and live happily ever after, right? That’s the way these sappy kinds of stories always go, isn’t it? You want me to go find my yin so we can make some little yangs. I get it…but I don’t want it.”

Kenna intended to remove the necklace and give it back but her fingers refused to follow her commands. She struggled to breathe and her entire body shook. Sweat coated her skin and her stomach did wild flip-flops.

“You cannot remove the crystal. It is both your weakness and a source of strength. It will amplify your abilities when you battle the enemy and calm them at other times.” Angela’s expression became shuttered, all hint of emotion hidden, and her lips thinned into a grim line. “It will help reveal your enemy.”

Jesus, Angela had really lost her mind. How did she expect anyone to buy this tall tale? “I have an enemy?”

“Asmodeus. He’s often referred to as a prince of hell or demon of lust. His strongest power is the ability to twist sexual desires.”

“Great, he’s a freaky pervert.” She might as well go with it and humor Angela. “Ooo-kaaay. Unite the crystals, battle the demon. Got it. Anything else?”

“Asmodeus will attempt to seduce and trick you into believing he is your counterpart. Your mate. He will profess love and even possesses a crystal. Be careful. He will feed off your life energy, draining you to sustain his corporeal form. The crystal can tell the difference between Asmodeus and your counterpart. It will resonate when close to your true mate.”

“Uh-huh.” She had no idea how to respond. “And what if I don’t want to fight the sexy demon or hook up with a hero and make the new Atlantean race?”

“You have no choice, child. You are Chosen by birth. By the spirit that inhabits you. You are one of the eight. There is no escaping your destiny. Look into the crystal.”

This was all insane but she trusted Angela with her life, with her sisters’ lives. The woman had always been honest and caring, never before having shown any signs of having gone round the bend.

Kenna cupped the crystal in her hand and stared past the pink quartz to the spots. White light flashed and her mind cleared of everything else. A frightening truth took shape. One Kenna knew she could never turn her back on.

Her sisters were depending on her. Angela’s story was real.

Aw crap!

As she left the chapel, Kenna wrapped her hand around the crystal and was hit with a jolt of pure energy. A connection opened up between her crystal and her sisters. Then an image flashed briefly in her mind. An image of Dee, buck-ass naked and soaking wet in the shower.

Kenna threw her arm up to shield her eyes but it was too late. The damage was done. “Jesus, Dee. My poor eyes. What the hell? You trying to blind me?”

It was time for a heart-to-heart with her sisters. She was sick and tired of being kept out of the loop. Since she had her crystal now, she expected them to finally give her the four-one-one.

They hadn’t discussed the Hearts with her before. Now they damn well better get to talking. Fast!

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Cinderella Undercover by KyAnn Waters

Cinderella UndercoverCinderella Undercover
by KyAnn Waters

To Purchase

Victoria Rosso works for Echelon Shield, an elite group of special agents. Their assignments sometimes require they work outside legal boundaries. Her assignment--to help the one man who'd ever gotten under her skin. Jaron Quinn was the best lover she'd ever had--and the one who left her six months ago without an explanation.

Jaron is undercover and has missed his extraction date. He works best under pressure and as former Navy SEAL, he's been in harried situations before. Apparently ES has concerns. What in the hell is Victoria doing on his mission? It doesn’t take long to realize Cinderella Undercover is there for Jaron. So much for a simple operation. Now he has to deal with the one woman who knows exactly how to push his buttons--especially the switch that turns him on.


"Are you here for me?" he whispered, knowing Maxwell's security team would be listening through the devices placed throughout the room. The house was wired, but there were a few safe locations. The most sophisticated equipment wasn't failsafe. ES's intel had been detailed and extensive but hadn't sufficiently profiled what Jaron would encounter.

"Not you, specifically." The breathy words whispered near his ear. The seductive scent of her perfume lingered close to her skin. He breathed deeply. "But I'm sure I could be of service to you."

"Maybe I'm not interested." A slow surging of blood to his dick made a liar of him.

Inhaling, she brushed her breasts against his chest. Then she released a shuddering exhale. The angle of her hips rubbed her against the hard bulge of his cock swelling against the zipper of his jeans. "I assure you." She rocked against him, playing her role perfectly. "I can assist you with your not-so-small problem."

He growled, gripped her hips, and let her feel the full measure of his arousal. "Are you sure you know what you're asking for? I like to play rough, dirty."

"Then you think it's dangerous for me to play with you?"

"Damn straight. A smart, beautiful woman should know when she's in over her head."

"Hmm. Maybe I like to play with fire." She nipped his chin. "But I'm afraid you'll have to wait until after I speak with Mr. Evenson. I believe he has plans for me this evening."

Rage, white and hot, flashed through him. Six months ago, his future was too uncertain to continue his involvement with Victoria. But if she thought for a minute he'd be able to stand by and watch her flirt or anything else with a brutal man like Maxwell Evenson, she was out of her beautiful mind.

Jaron didn't give a damn why Amine thought he needed to send her in. He could handle Evenson. No way was he letting Tory involve herself.

He leaned in, pinning her to the wall. "You should know we're under surveillance."

"I like an audience." She cocked her head coyly to the side. "Do you want to watch?"

He released a breath. "What do you think?" She knew he did. The last time they were together, Victoria draped across the bed, her thighs open while she fingered her clit. Small gentle circles at first built pressure until she bit hard on her lower lip and cream trickled from her center. He'd delved between her thighs, lapped her honey until they'd both been drunk with lust.

Jaron convinced himself what he'd felt for her couldn't be love, because he'd had to protect her--by leaving her. Staying together put her at too much risk. Frank had shown him that. Shown him that a man who lived on the edge and risked his life for the cause couldn't love a woman like Victoria. Yes, she was part of ES, but she would never infiltrate cave camps in Afghanistan, or become part of a Central American drug cartel to stop the flow of cocaine over the border. Amine had pointed out the hard truths. Jaron might not come home one day. They both loved Victoria enough not to put her through the loss of another person she loved.

Jaron brought their faces close together. "If you push me, princess, I'm going to give you exactly what you want."

"Princess? Perhaps you should be on your knees."

He chuckled. Breath mingled. "A tempting offer." One he remembered sampling often. He recalled her swollen pink lips, parting her silken inner folds with his thumbs, and tonguing the pearl of her pussy, making her cream against his mouth. Swallowing hard, he salivated with want for a taste.

"I was given the impression that my services were needed." Her pulse fluttered in the long column of her neck. She trembled at his nearness.

"You have no idea." His hand molded to her hip. "But not here. Not now." He spoke close to her lips. All he had to do was close the space between them. Their lips would touch, but that would compromise an already-delicate situation.

Eventually, any new connection between them would complicate their precarious situation. Whatever they once had, and as bitter as the notion was, this was a connection they shouldn't have again. He wasn't good for her, and she was too good for him.

Tell that to his cock.

Memories of her throaty laugh when she reached orgasm came rushing through his mind with the force of a tidal wave. He'd thought incessantly of her since the night he'd left her bed...her life. Yet here she was and he felt the same carnal desires jack hammering through his body.

He hesitated less than a minute. "Fuck." He had to kiss her. "I can't believe you're here. God, but I wish you weren't." His mouth descended, hot, demanding, thoroughly kissing her. He pinned her to the wall, crushing her soft curves to his hard lines.

"Liar." She moaned, melted against him as her arms circled his shoulders, gripping him. He wasn't sure if she pushed him to get away, or clawed at him to move closer. He only knew he couldn't stop the onslaught of need and desire. Applying pressure, he urged her mouth open, slipped his tongue past her teeth and exerted mild suction. Fuck. She tasted better than he remembered. Warm and soft lips pressed more firmly against his. Not light, tentative, or cautious. Deepening the heated kiss, he coaxed her tongue to dance with his.

He wanted more. He wanted her. But they were being watched. He already risked revealing their familiarity in their whispered words. Therefore, he wrenched his mouth from hers. His chest heaved as he regained his control. Yeah, right. With Victoria, he never felt in control.

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Bound by Sunlight by KB Alan - Releases Today!

Bound by Sunlight
by KB Alan

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power and lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more of it. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape plan that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it's the only one she's got, and at this point, she's willing to try just about anything.

The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he'll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she's begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize that the only thing he's not willing to do for her is let her go.

"You've never been bound?" he asked, picking up the straps of her tank top.

"No." It was more of a breath than a whisper, but he seemed satisfied with her answer. She felt a soft spark against her shoulders and looked down. He'd severed the straps of her top, which were left to dangle above her breasts. Magic. He'd used magic. A tiny niggle of fear tried to work its way through her. He seemed to know and brought his warm hands back to her face, tilting her head up enough that she knew she was supposed to meet his eyes. Why did she find that so difficult? She forced herself to follow his unspoken demand.

"I will not harm you tonight. Not with magic. Not with anything else. I will bring you pain, but only as much as will pleasure you. Do you understand?"

She saw patience and assurance in his eyes, wondered what he saw in hers. Shame washed through her now—that she had come to him so unprepared, unworthy. He shouldn't have to deal with a novice when he was used to those at the club. His fingers on her chin tightened.

"Do you understand?" he asked again.


He knew there was more, she could see it in his face, see him trying to figure it out. As long as he didn't ask, she wouldn't have to admit to her insecurities. He cocked his head as he studied her.

"What distressed you now?"

She wanted to look away. The feeling of easy surrender had vanished. But she had to answer him. Had to keep meeting his eyes. Not just because of the compulsion, but because she had asked for this. Asked him to help her. He deserved to have as much of her courage as she could muster.

"I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this. I don't know what to do."

"You don't have to know what to do. That's what I'm here for. You'll do what I tell you, when I tell you. Won't you?" His voice was hard, uncompromising.


"Then there's nothing for you to fail at. It's my responsibility to make sure this goes right, not yours. Your only responsibility is to tell me if I go too far." He stepped closer, allowing his heat to envelope her. She felt moisture gather in her pussy and it got a little bit harder to draw breath.

"Let's start over." He pulled her chin up higher now that he was closer to her. Her neck ached a little at the strain. It felt…good.

"Do you believe that I won't harm you, even though I have every intention of bringing you pain?"

"Yes." She didn't know why, and it might be foolish, but she believed him. It was the reason she was here.

He rewarded her with a small kiss to her lips. She opened for him but he drew away. She sighed.

"Do you believe that I will bring you pleasure?"


This time he smiled as he kissed her. She tried to chase his lips, but his hands kept her in position.

"Do you understand what you're supposed to do?"

Uh oh. What was she supposed to do? Hadn't he just told her—oh.

"Yes." Another kiss, she wanted another kiss. A real one this time, damn it.

"Tell me."

"Whatever you tell me to do." She parted her lips in preparation. She would have to be fast this time.


No kiss? What was he doing to her?

"And…umm. Oh, and use my safe word if you go too far."

"Good girl." He met her lips with his, but it wasn't gentle this time. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, taking what she had tried to take, giving what she needed. She whimpered when he pulled back.

"Tell me your safe word again."

She didn't want to, didn't want to ever say that word again. He seemed to understand.

"Choose another word. It doesn't need to be that one. Shouldn't be something you don't want to say."

"No, it's all right—"

His fingers tightened against her skin again, reminding her who was in charge. He wasn't asking. He was telling.

"I, maybe…Snowball! " God, all she could come up with was her childhood cat's name. Was he smirking at her? She narrowed her eyes at him but his face had gone expressionless again. He leaned down and gave her another quick kiss. Then he let her go, stepped back, taking his heat with him.

"If you use your safe word, I'll stop what I'm doing so we can talk about it. Don't be afraid to use it, it doesn't mean I'm going to send you away."

She managed to nod her understanding.

"You have a lovely body."

She didn't. Her size eight curves weren't quite proportioned the way she'd like and—

He smacked her ass and she jumped as much as the chains would allow, which wasn't much at all. Why she should be shocked she had no idea, but she looked at him for an explanation.

"You." He put his hands on top of her head then ran them over her face, rubbing her eyebrows, exploring her cheekbones, tickling her ears and caressing her chin.

"Have." Her skin tingled as his hands moved down her neck to her now heaving chest.

"A lovely." His fingers molded to her breasts, giving a sharp, barely painful squeeze before continuing their journey.

"Body." He reversed his hands so that his fingers led the way over the curve of her stomach to the juncture of her thighs. He folded his hands along the curve, careful not to touch the part of her that needed touching the most.

"Oh," she managed to whisper. Her whole body shuddered at his intense look and careful caress. The desire in his words and his eyes did more to relax her than anything else he could have done. She didn't realize how worried she'd been about the fact that by presenting herself to him, rather than having him choose her, she would have a hard time believing he wanted this, even a little bit.

She looked down at her top. He was running a finger down its center, from neck to hem. As his finger slid past, the fabric parted, splitting down the middle. It was almost like a breath of heat, but maybe she was imagining that. It didn't take long for the whole top to fall away.

Her naked breasts were damp with sweat, her nipples somewhat swollen. He ignored them and brought his finger to her pants, performing a similar magic to remove them in less than a minute. He took a step back, observing her dressed only in plain cotton panties. It looked as if he was fighting a smile. She tried not to blush and failed. Why hadn't she dressed up for him? She had the clothes, had been provided with the types of outfits that were supposed to entice him. Black leather, lace garters and more. Much more. It wasn't that she didn't like them, but she would have felt like a spy wearing them, like a fraud. So she'd come in the most Kyriana-like clothes she had.

He walked behind her, hooked a finger in the waistband and snapped the elastic against her skin. It didn't hurt, but it startled her. She hung her head as she tried to fight off the shame and misery working their way through her.

"Just checking to see if your name was embroidered in the back." His teasing words were spoken against her neck. She choked on her laugh as his lips moved down her neck to the top of her spine, where he bit, hard.

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Johnny Loves Krissy by KyAnn Waters

Johnny Loves Krissy
by KyAnn Waters
The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Contemporary
e-book novel $6.00

Kristina Taylor's biological clock just went off. She has endometriosis. Now “who's your baby's daddy” just took on a completely new meaning. A brilliant plan for conception includes her hot best friend Johnny

Knock her up? Krissy has to be crazy. Or is she? Johnny has loved her since high school. Her plan might not include life after baby. His does. But how is he going to show her how good they can be together with all her rules--no kissing, no touching, no caressing. He can make love to her, but she's determined not to enjoy it. To hell with that and to hell with her rules. He's determined to show her friendship is the best foundation for a relationship.

But there are always complications. ..

With Johnny, Krissy is afraid to look to the future. Right now, she can't get enough of the present, and she dreads the thought of losing what she's had with him in the past. Huston. Taking him to bed won't be a hardship--if she can only get him to play by her rules. After all, she wants to maintain their friendship. Not easy if he ends up being the best sex of her life.


"Our baby," she whispered with awe and wonder discernable in her voice. "Is this really happening?"

Her eyes filled with tears. Johnny set the frying pan on the stove and pulled her out of the kitchen chair and into his arms. "Scary when it finally becomes real, isn't it?" He stroked her back. He felt her head nod against his chest. Then she went rigid and pushed against him. "What?"

"We have bigger problems." She took two retreating steps. "The when, where and how."

"Pardon me?"

"I don't want some magical date etched into my mind reminding me of the day we conceived our baby. Where are we actually going to have sex? Not my bed. I'm not going to remember us every time I crawl beneath the covers. Not your bed either. I don't want you thinking about me when you go to sleep."

Good thing she wasn't in his head. He'd already taken her to his bed hundreds of times. In his dreams. "The where won't matter. You and I both know we'll never forget."

"As for the when, I'm ready when you are." Krissy put her hands on her hips. "Actually, I should rephrase that. I'll be ready after you make breakfast and we eat. If we can decide where, then we can do it tonight. We just need to think of sex as the first step in a series of steps to reach the desired conclusion of having a baby."

As if he could just forget he'd be making love while Krissy only thought of their being together as a means to an end. "At least we don't need to discuss the how."

"Actually, I think we do."

Johnny nearly crushed the egg he was holding in his hand instead of cracking it into the frying pan. He looked over his shoulder and cocked an eyebrow. Krissy sat at the table again with a serious look on her face, not a trace of humor in the straight line of her mouth. "I'm capable."

She rolled her eyes. "We both know what happens in relationships when one falls hard and not the other. That can't happen to us. So we need rules about the how." She held up one finger. "No kissing. That includes oral. I'm not sucking your dick."

"What if I need help getting an erection? You won't be my fluff girl?"

She pursed her lips. "I'll get you a Viagra."

Her mouth turned up on the left and he weakened. "Okay, let me hear the rest of your rules."

"No caressing. I know you're an ass man. Mine is off limits. No touching outside of what is absolutely necessary. No grabbing hair."

"Are your tits off limits, too?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Yes."

Laughter rolled from deep within his chest. Unbelievable. His dreams had come true and then morphed into his worst nightmare. He could make love to Krissy, but by god, he wasn't allowed to enjoy it.

"If you make me come, I'll clobber you the minute you get off of me. I don't want you to be good."

Did she read minds now? "I can't control whether it's good or not."

"Yes, you can! Just get on, come, and get off. Hopefully, we'll only have to fuck once."

"Do I get to enjoy myself at all or is that against the rules as well?" Johnny flipped the eggs in the pan, then snatched the bread off the top of the refrigerator. He needed to calm down. Krissy's unrealistic ideal situation was a long way from his.

"Of course." She stood and poured them coffee. "You have to enjoy sex in order to reach orgasm. How else am I going to get pregnant? Coming is ejaculation. I don't suppose you're a premature ejaculator. The faster the better."

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Saddle Broke up for Book of the Week!

Saddle Broke is up for Book of the Week at Whipped Cream Reviews and needs your votes!

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5 Cherries for Saddle Broke!

Yay! Another awesome review for Saddle Broke! Whipped Cream Reviews says...

"A few words come to mind when I think about Saddle Broke, including hot, sexy, and explosive. Darah Lace writes heat like you wouldn’t believe, but even better, she gives life to characters that are complex and unforgettable."

"Those looking for a scorching hot story with heavy BDSM elements, ménage, and a whole lot of kink will love Saddle Broke. It’s got everything you’re looking for in a solid erotic romance and then some."

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