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Roped And Branded by KyAnn Waters

Roped and Branded
by KyAnn Waters
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Price $4.45

Southern Texas is in the grips of a heat wave and DaniLee Hunter needs a distraction. The man she wants refuses to see she's a
ll grown up, but the sexy ranch hand Waco is more than willing for an erotic roll in the hay.

Everything in South Texas stings, bites, or prickles...including Cord Stiles. As foreman of the Iron H, he has enough to deal with--including his growing attraction for DaniLee. She's wild and reckless--and impossible to ignore. It's time she's roped and branded...and he's just the man to do it.

The stakes are high in a late night poke-her game. Cord, Dani and Waco lay their cards are on the table. Winner takes all.


"Dani, slow down."

"We can't." DaniLee Hunter chuckled. She wasn't sure of the cowboy's real name because everyone called him Waco. She glanced from his dreamy, moss green eyes to the tempting bulge of his cock beneath the brass buckle cinching the waist of his faded Wranglers. She traced the impression of the rodeo steer on the belt buckle. Waco groaned and his bulge flexed.

Dani grabbed his shirt and yanked. Snaps popped and the fabric parted. She stared, mesmerized by the tough, lean muscle and skin bronzed by wind and sun. She trailed a finger down his sternum and over his corded abdominals. His flesh quivered under her fingertips. Damn, the man was cut.

Ranch work hardened a body, even hers. She'd been called a tomboy since she climbed onto that first paint at four years old. At twenty-three, she was grown up and no longer had the small, lean build of a boy. She insisted she be treated like one of the men, but didn't have to look like one.

Waco grinned, shifted his broad shoulders and shrugged the shirt from his body. "We're playing with fire." His gaze darted to the closed barn door. "If your daddy--"

"Are you afraid to get burned?" She cocked her head to the side and slipped the button of her sleeveless cotton shirt free. "Feel how hot I am." Another button. Her shirt gaped.

Waco's stare dropped from her face to her exposed cleavage and his eyes darkened. "Fuck, Dani, how is a man supposed to keep his head around you?" He grazed a work-rough knuckle across a beaded nipple. Pleasure snaked from tip to clit.

"Oh baby, you aren't." She stepped closer and took Waco's tan cowboy hat from his head. Sweat dampened the chestnut curls at his temples. He wore his hair long enough to run her fingers though, and hold on tight to while she sat on his face and rode his thin mustache.

She laughed as Waco impatiently pushed her into an empty horse stall. Her boots crunched the fresh straw on the dirt floor. The musky scent of horse and hay hung in the air.

He worked his belt loose. "There will be hell to pay if we get caught." His voice held an edge of laughter.

"That's part of the excitement." She arched one eyebrow and smirked. "And you know it isn't gentlemanly to tell a girl she isn't worth a little risk."

"I never professed to be a gentleman."

"Good because I don't want gentle."

He chuckled and jerked the zipper down. "I think you know you're worth a trip through hell." He parted the fly and his cock thrust forward from a thatch of dark springy hair.

"Yeah, I know all about you and your hedonistic ways. As long as it feels good--"

A devilish smile tilted his lips. "And, fuck, that feels good." She held his thick length in both hands and squeezed as he hardened further. Soft, smooth skin stretched tight over solid steel. The large bulbous head darkened to a deep red and pearly liquid seeped from the slit. She stroked him once...twice. Her grip was firm and she slid the skin over his rod.

He leaned his head back against the wood beam between stalls and hissed. "Harder, Dani." She squeezed, but his shaft was like rock. "Damn, your hands are strong."

So was her determination. She squatted into the fresh hay. Waco's dick was long and thick with veins bulging in high relief. A rich, earthy smell clung to his skin. She breathed deep, leaned in and tasted his length from base to tip. She circled the crown with her tongue, then took him between her lips and sucked.

Waco fisted his hands at his sides and thrust his hips toward her face. God, everything about the man was whipcord lean. His muscular thighs bent, giving her a better position to take more of his shaft into her mouth. She hummed in the back of her throat and savored the hard, heated length.

His velvety flesh was salty sweet and pulsed within her mouth. She curled her tongue around the ridge then flicked the tip against the slit. Her left hand wrapped around the back of his thigh and her right twisted gently and pumped his cock. She sucked hard, fist meeting mouth in the middle, making him wet and slick with saliva. She pumped faster, working her mouth up and down the shaft.

The barn door rattled.

"Who's there?" Waco jerked his hips, pulled free of her mouth and spun toward the door.

"It's only the wind." She laughed and fell back onto her butt. "Are you that worried about being caught with me?" She reclined back on her elbows and stretched her legs out in front of her. "We're just having fun."

Waco dropped to the ground beside her. "I happen to like working on the Iron H. Your dad is a good man." He circled her bellybutton with the blunt tip of his finger. Her tummy quivered as he traced a squiggly pattern higher.

"My daddy is at the house." She glanced around the vacant barn. "We're alone." She trailed her fingertips up his forearm, combing the soft, dark hairs with her nails. "It's just you and me."

Waco cupped her breast and rasped his thumb over the taut tip. "Ray isn't the problem--it's your keeper."

"I don't have a keeper," she said as if she meant it.

Waco snorted.

"I don't. Cord Stiles has no say in what I do." She kicked off her boots. "I do who and what I want." And she wanted to do Waco. Dani lifted her hips and shimmied off her worn jeans. Then she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down into the hay with her. "Less talk, cowboy."

Waco's lips were firm and demanding, but Dani knew what she liked and how she liked it and he wasn't aggressive enough. She spread her thighs and he maneuvered between them, grinding his rigid cock against her mound. With a shift of his hips, he emulated the slow thrusting of long, deep strokes. Only she still wore her thong. The string was soaked and rubbing against her sensitive clit.

She opened her mouth and glided her tongue along his. Sucking, nibbling and tasting fresh air and raw man. Her heart pounded against her ribs and her tummy fluttered. The delicious cock riding between her legs had her hotter than the Texas sun at high noon.

DaniLee wrapped her arms around his tapered torso and her legs around his lean hips. He groaned and plunged his hot, wet tongue deep into her mouth. Dani ate at his lips, but was growing tired of foreplay. She wanted to ride in his rodeo--wanted Waco to ride her hard and fast. Her pussy clenched, needing to be crammed full of his cock. She didn't want soft and gentle, but wanted on her hands and knees while he drove his dick into her cunt and thoroughly fucked her from behind.

"What the hell are you doing? Get the fuck off her!"

"Holy shit!" Waco leapt off, jerked up his pants, nearly zipping off his beautiful erection. Now that would have been a damn shame.

"Cord! Don't you knock?" Dani flopped back into the hay and draped one arm over her closed eyes.

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