Saturday, February 28, 2015

Texting All Hearts - A Digital Boxed Set of Random Romance

Sexting can become an addiction...

That's what Texas discovers as she embarks on a wild and sexy ride with her BFF, a hawt cowboy determined to sext his way into her heart.

Here is a snippet from Sexting Texas! Hope you enjoy!

Texas took a page from Will’s book and gave her shoulder a shrug. “His texts to me—or rather her—were random, night and day, and not just about sex. The idea of a guy being that into a woman, thinking about her that way in the middle of the afternoon, wanting her so much he can’t think of anything else…makes me really hot but a little sad, too.”
“Because I’m thirty years old and I’ve never had that. No one has ever wanted me that much.” God, she was drunk, talking way too much. But this was Will and if she couldn’t tell him how she felt, she couldn’t tell anyone.
“If a man wanted you like that, what would you want him to say?” His gaze met hers in the mirror and held a seriousness in those dark eyes she hadn’t seen in a long while. Almost a sadness.
“I don’t know. What would you say?” The question came out in a breathless whisper, and his gaze dropped to her mouth. She licked her lips, conscious of their sudden dryness.
His attention returned to his bottle, as if the label would tell him what to say. “Maybe I’d say you have damned kissable lips.”
“That’s it? That’s all you’ve got?” No wonder Krystal was group sexting. But what did she expect. This was Will, her friend, not her lover. “Hope you’re better at sex than sexting.”

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