Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slow & Easy...

That's what I get from this one. Lots of stamina. At times, very intense. Those hands...they could probably gentle the most skittish of females.

Yep, this one is all about prolonging the pleasure. Spends hours (okay, maybe that's and exaggeration) exploring the contours of his lover's body.
Oh, and he likes a bed. Always considerate of his lady's comfort.

Your turn to try on this Friday's Fantasy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to Fantasy Friday...

A few weeks ago I blogged about the fact that I look at certain couples and wonder what their sex life is like. That post developed from a conversation about how certain guys might be in bed. So every Friday, for as long as you play the game, I'll be posting a yummy guy, and we'll debate his bedroom behavior based on the personality he reflects on camera.

For instance...

This guy looks like he could eat you alive. I mean just look at the intensity of those eyes. He’s hungry. And he looks game for anything. Definitely a little dominance going on between the sheets. Or would he prefer leather?

What do you think?

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, hell. My friends are tag-teaming now! Okay, I'll play, but this game would be more fun if there were hot guys involved and they were really tagging me and...we won't go

Anyway, I'm not going to follow the rules because clearly, my two friends are the only ones I'd have to tag and they've already done this. First, let me say, the tag ends here. So sue me! Second, I'm not naming 16 things. Trust me, after you read the first 8, you won't want to know more.

And then again you might...

1) I don't mind watching football. Wonder why?2) I'm only fond of certain animals. (wolverines to be specific)
3) I love broccoli. (Hey, broccoli = strong. Strong = Superman)
4) I collect tea pots. (Okay, sometimes he's hot and sometimes he's not, but he was adorable in this movie and there's a tea pot behind him.)
5) Road rage hits me hard and fast--within the two miles from home to work. (yeah, yeah, you can barely see the guy, but the car is hotter)
6) I love to dance. (this man has moves on and off the dance floor that make me melt)
7) I'm a homebody. (I'd be at home on his body.)
8) Copy machines, computers, phones, you name it--if it runs on electricity or batteries, it hates me. (this pretty boy has had a few problems with machines)Wow, it's tough being interesting.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wild Imagination or Am I Sick?

A recent conversation with a friend stirred my wicked brain into a frenzy so I thought I’d share. Do you ever just look at people and wonder what they’d look like having sex? Oh, not anyone you know; that somehow never comes to mind. I mean, I never wonder about my parents—ick—or relatives or even good friends. Funny how that works.
No, it’s always complete strangers that get my attention. For instance, I met a couple a while back, can’t even remember their names, but later, as I watched them together, vivid images of the two of them writhing on creamy silk sheets flooded my mind. He’s a big guy—the tall, muscle-bound warrior type. She’s a tiny thing, beautiful in an ordinary way, nothing striking. They appear very much the couple of romance novels, especially Scottish medievals/Viking tales. Picturing them in bed was no trouble at all.
When I decided to blog about this topic, I began to see envision well known couples, ones I could use as examples. Here are a few I came up with.
Okay, you just know Brad and Angi have hot, sweaty, wild, tear-up-the-sheets, kink-it-out sex. They just ooze sexuality. Aren’t they beautiful together? Then there’s Faith and Tim. I’ll bet they’re passionate. But I see them as the type to share long, sweet kisses, slow languid moves. Very sensual but no naughtiness.
And no offense to the memory of this lovely lady, but the visual I get from these two is just not right. I mean, you know they did it at least twice. But seriously, can you see anything about these two that creates an image of "passion" in the bedroom or anywhere else? (shuddering here) Oh, I just had an idea for my next blog, but before I leave you, I have to ask a question. What couple inspires you to write hot and steamy sex?