Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wild Imagination or Am I Sick?

A recent conversation with a friend stirred my wicked brain into a frenzy so I thought I’d share. Do you ever just look at people and wonder what they’d look like having sex? Oh, not anyone you know; that somehow never comes to mind. I mean, I never wonder about my parents—ick—or relatives or even good friends. Funny how that works.
No, it’s always complete strangers that get my attention. For instance, I met a couple a while back, can’t even remember their names, but later, as I watched them together, vivid images of the two of them writhing on creamy silk sheets flooded my mind. He’s a big guy—the tall, muscle-bound warrior type. She’s a tiny thing, beautiful in an ordinary way, nothing striking. They appear very much the couple of romance novels, especially Scottish medievals/Viking tales. Picturing them in bed was no trouble at all.
When I decided to blog about this topic, I began to see envision well known couples, ones I could use as examples. Here are a few I came up with.
Okay, you just know Brad and Angi have hot, sweaty, wild, tear-up-the-sheets, kink-it-out sex. They just ooze sexuality. Aren’t they beautiful together? Then there’s Faith and Tim. I’ll bet they’re passionate. But I see them as the type to share long, sweet kisses, slow languid moves. Very sensual but no naughtiness.
And no offense to the memory of this lovely lady, but the visual I get from these two is just not right. I mean, you know they did it at least twice. But seriously, can you see anything about these two that creates an image of "passion" in the bedroom or anywhere else? (shuddering here) Oh, I just had an idea for my next blog, but before I leave you, I have to ask a question. What couple inspires you to write hot and steamy sex?


L. Rosario said...

Oh, I agree about Brad and Ang...lots of inspiration there :)
And I think Halle Berry and her GORGEOUS boyfriend, Gabriel, must have hot sex...just looking at each other is probably enough to...well...I'll stop there :)

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Couple that inspires me to write about hot sex... my hubby and me. Since we're not having it nearly as often as I'd like it inspires me to write about people who ARE!

Darah Lace said...

Hmm, L, I'll have to go check out Halle's bf. Nic, too funny. Maybe my next topic of discussion will offer extra inspiration. Getting to work on it asap.

Tempest Knight said...

I can see Brad and Angie having some (very) kinky sex. *lol*

Darah Lace said...

Oh, Tempest! So nice of you to visit my blog! And yes, those two are quite a pair.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Tag, Darah -- you're it!