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Wild Texas Wind by Nicole McCaffrey - Win a Copy!!!

Wild Texas Wind
by Nicole McCaffrey

I've always been a sucker for a historical, and this one definitely sucked me in. Raz Colt is as Alpha as they come and doesn't always use a gentle hand, but he's just what spoiled, wildcat Arden O'Hara needs. The sexual tension between these two is as hot as a summer day in Texas.

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All Raz Colt wants is land, a quiet peaceable existence and to put his life as a hired gun in the past. When the chance to earn a sizable fortune by rescuing a kidnapped heiress comes his way, he seizes the opportunity. Trouble is, the heiress doesn’t want to be rescued. Offsetting Arden O’Hara’s beauty is a rattlesnake personality and shrewish temper. Despite her claim that she faked the kidnapping so her fiancĂ© would ride to her rescue, Raz knows someone is out to kill her. And if anyone gets the pleasure of wringing her lovely neck, it’s going to be him.

Arden O’Hara is desperate to go home. Her fiancĂ© was supposed to ride to her rescue, proving it’s her–and not her father’s money– he loves. Instead an arrogant stranger, with weapons strapped gun-fighter low and a decided lack of sympathy for her situation, shows up spouting a ridiculous tale about someone trying to kill her. It’s infuriating when Raz Colt’s claims prove true after not one but several attempts are made on her life. She has no idea who this fast gun with the deadly aim is, or why he makes her feel as wild and untamed as the Texas wind. But like it or not, if anyone is capable of getting her home alive, it’s Raz Colt.


After spending the afternoon in the company of the Snows, Raz decided to do a little work to earn his keep. It was the first time he’d left Arden alone since finding her, but with Mrs. Snow clucking about like a mother hen, and the nasty weather, he supposed there was little to worry about.

He’d just begun to clean out a stall for his horse in the barn when a gust of warm, wet air blew in before the door closed with a bang. He didn’t have to turn to know who it was, or the mood she was in. It entered with her as surely as the angry weather.

“You son of a bitch.”

“I’m glad you’re so happy to see me.”

The same instincts that had kept him alive thus far warned him to keep her in view. Her green eyes blazed, fists balled at her sides. “You low down, double-crossing, sneaky, good-for-nothing bastard.”

“Now that you’ve listed my finer qualities—” he ducked, narrowly avoiding a milking stool that came flying at him.

“You tricked me.”

Hell no, he hadn’t. But he’d been so caught up in her lovely face, the way she’d said her full name with just the slightest hint of her father’s Irish lilt, the way she’d looked at him with those grass green eyes, he’d slipped and said his true name. Now for all intents and purposes, they were married. For real.

Two old horseshoes—complete with rusty nails—hurled past his head. He threw down the pitchfork and stalked toward her. Stubborn as she was, she didn’t even back up.

“I made a mistake.”

“The hell you did! You think you’ve found a way to get your hands on half my father’s fortune, don’t you?”

“Half your what?”

“You said it yourself; I don’t get my money until I’m married. And now I just happen to find myself married. To you!” With a shriek of fury, she lunged at him.

He side-stepped her, and she stumbled forward. When she righted herself, he grabbed her from behind, locking his arms about her mid section, pinning her flailing arms. She kicked and writhed, but he held tight.

“Hard as it is to imagine, Miss O’Hara—”

“Mrs. Calvera, thanks to you!”

“I never had a mind to marry you.” He grunted as she continued to fight him. “I told you—I made a mistake, and I’ll fix it.”

She stopped struggling for a moment. “How?”

“It’s not as if the marriage will ever be consummated. We’ll have it annulled when I get you home. Give whatever reasons you want, I won’t be around to contest.”

“My good name will still be ruined.”

“Why? We don’t have to tell anyone. Not even your father.”

“Geoffrey will never want me now.” She wrenched, trying to twist away from him.

He lifted her feet off the ground, ceasing most of her struggles. “Oh, he’ll still want you.”

“You really think so?”

“I’m sure he’ll still want to marry you.” He set her back on solid ground but didn’t release her. “I can think of about two million reasons why—and they’re right in your daddy’s bank account.”

“You son of a bitch.” She lurched, trying to free herself enough to hit him. He held tight

“That’s enough, Arden.” He purposely kept his tone low. “These good people have offered us a roof over our heads for the night; I won’t have you cursing like a dance hall girl for them to overhear.”

“Since when are you so goddamned noble?”

“I’m not, but I’d sure as hell rather sleep in a house tonight than out in the rain.” He kept his arms around her, squeezing for emphasis. “I’m not letting go until you calm down.”

Arden only wished she could relax, but with his arms around her, it was impossible. Her breath caught but not because he squeezed so tight. “You can let go now.”

“Not yet.” His voice tickled her ear, and a shiver of awareness moved through her.

Ignoring the pleasant sensation, she tried to pry his hands apart. “You do realize we’d have to be married for three months before I get my share of the Triple H, don’t you?”

“I told you I don’t want—wait a minute. Does Geoffrey know that?”

She let out a huff of frustration. “Dammit Colt, why does everything have to come back to Geoffrey?” He still didn’t release her, and for some reason she was starting to hope he wouldn’t. The warmth of his body began to relax her. “What do you have against him anyway?”

“You really want to know?” His breath brushed the back of her neck, and the arms locked around her felt less and less restricting and more soothing. Against her will she remembered how he’d held her after she’d shot that man, how his strength and familiarity had comforted her. “What the hell was he still doing in town when you’d been missing for three days? If you were my woman, I’d have been out there turning over every rock, every blade of grass until I found you.”

Like melted honey, a thick, languid heat curled through her. She leaned her head back to rest on his chest, and his arms unlocked from her waist. One of his hands slid to her hip, the other splayed over her stomach. “A real man wouldn’t let you out of bed long enough for anyone to take you away from him.”


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Wow! What an introduction! I'm looking forward to spending the day visiting with everyone today!

Thanks for having me!


Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Nicole! Just stopped by to say hi and what do I find? Another great excerpt! Can't wait to read this one. Best of luck with your new release!

Isabel Roman said...

Tricked her, ha! Gotta love that. But he made a mistake. :) I just bet he did. Great excerpt!

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Intriguing excerpt, Nicole! Enjoyed reading it. I think he's a sweet heart in disguise. I'm looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations! :-) Wishing you many sales and happy readers!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Thanks, ladies, for stopping by. Great to see you all here.

Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

Rachel Brimble said...

Wow! Loved the excerpt, Nicole and love your writing style. This is one I've got to read, fabulous! I wish you all the best.


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You know I love your hero in this story. I must get off my duff and order it. Best of luck with lots of sales, Nic. It's a fantastic story!!!

Margaret Tanner said...

Great excerpt Nicole. Sounds like an exciting read. You have to love those cowboys.


Kat Henry Doran said...

i am especially blessed in my writing life in that Nicole is my critique partner--and she allowed me to be "in on" Raz from daya 1.
What a gift.
Even if you don't win the free copy--pick it up. This one is too good to pass up. Especially the first couple pages. Nic and Raz give new meaning to bath time.
Kat Henry Doran

Caroline Clemmons said...

Nic, I can't wait to read this! Of course I hope I win a copy, but I'm ordering it soon if I don't win this round.

Paty Jager said...

Great excerpt and a great book!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by to visit today!!

You're the best!

Darah, thanks for letting me spend the day hanging out with you!

Darah Lace said...

Anytime, Nic! Loved this book and I can't wait to read the next one!

And for those hoping to win a free copy of Wild Texas Wind, let me announce the winner.....

Congratulations Rachel Brimble!

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