Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sexting Texas - Texting All Hearts Boxed Set

Sexy Me Once ~ @MySexySaturday

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Sext Me Once...Sext Me Twice...Sext Me Once Again...

Seven sexy sentenses to whet your appetite.

And it wasn’t as if they’d do more than share a few naughty words. What harm could it do?
Besides get yourself so excited you have to find relief alone?
Wouldn’t be the first time she’d done that, and wasn’t that the plan anyway?
Thumbs poised to respond, Texas quieted the voice of warning. Once the text went out, there would be no turning back. Releasing a long breath, she typed out a message and hit send.

Sexting Texas is part of the TEXTING ALL HEARTS boxed set.

Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of his.
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