Monday, September 20, 2010

Spotlight on: Punishing the Thief by Shoshanna Evers

I was able to nab Shoshanna Evers for a few questions about her new book Punishing the Art Thief, just released at Ellora's Cave. Here's what she had to say:

How did you come up with the idea for Punishing the Art Thief?

I was browsing the FBI website (don’t ask) and saw that they’re still looking for a bunch of famous paintings that were stolen back in 1990 from a museum. I did some more research and started thinking, “What if a woman finds one of those missing paintings and tries to steal it back?” Then, because I have a dirty mind, I thought – “What if the security guard who catches her doesn’t want to let her go?” LOL

I see you wear many hats. You must be very organized. Any tips on how to "do it all"?

I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. I work on the weekends as a registered nurse, so during that time I focus completely on nursing and my patients. When I’m home, my writing time revolves around my toddler. One day a week I write an advice column, but that really doesn’t take too long so I usually will write erotica and my column on the same day. Actually, you know what? I don’t watch television. That right there frees up a ton of writing time for me.

Is it easy switching between writing erotic romance and being an advice columnist?

Oh yeah. Writing a column is so different from writing erotic fiction. When I’m giving advice, I’m using my skills as a mother, nurse and wife, not really as an author. Although sometimes I want to give racy advice and I have to remind myself that it probably has no place in a local newspaper. 

What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

Keep writing and keep submitting. The only difference between a published author and an aspiring writer is the one who got published never gave up. Also, read a lot in the genre you want to write in. I don’t understand writers who say they don’t have time to read.

Can you tell us a little about your new release with Ellora's Cave, Punishing the Art Thief ?

Here’s the blurb for this erotic art heist:

Security guard James Tannen has been lusting after art history professor Melissa Dwyer since he sat in on her class three years ago. She crashes a private art unveiling at his employer’s house—then costs him his job by stealing a previously stolen priceless painting. She’ll do anything to keep the painting for herself—and James will do anything to get Melissa into his bed.

They agree that if she spends the weekend with him, he won’t tell a soul about her stolen masterpiece. It’s blackmail, but it’s also the perfect excuse for Melissa to get to know James. He takes a few of her erotic books for research, even though she’s never tried any of the risqué sexual techniques she reads about and masturbates to. Bondage. Nipple clamps. Butt plugs. Spanking.

If James is using her personal book collection as a script for their weekend together, Melissa knows she’s in for a wild ride!

Click here for Punishing the Art Thief at Ellora’s Cave:

Also, keep a look out for Ginger Snap, an upcoming Ellora’s Cave Quickie. It’s a Christmas story about ginger-figging, lol.

Where can we find you?

My website,, on Twitter at, and for aspiring writers, my blog  If you email me I promise to email you back! shoshanna.evers at

Thanks Shoshanna for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell us about yourself and your new book Punishing the Art Thief.

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Wendy Marcus said...

Hi Shoshannah! (And Darah!)
I don't watch much TV either. (My time suck is the Internet.) It's so interesting how writers get their ideas. I can't wait to read Punishing the Art Thief. But please don't enter me in the contest. I'm holding off reading it until I finish my revisions. An enticing reward if you will.

Judy said...

What a great imagination you have to have to be a writer:) This sounds like a great read!! Shoshannah you are a new author to me. I will check out your website and books.


Shoshanna Evers said...

Thanks Wendy, good luck with your revisions! And thank you Judy! :)And of course, thank you Darah for having me on your blog today :)

Darah Lace said...

My pleasure, Shoshanna. I can't tell you how amazed I am at all you manage. You're my new role model!

Cathy M said...

Hi Darah and Shoshanna,

I always love meeting a new EC author, so big congratulations on your new release, Shoshanna.

I just took a peek at the excerpt, and oh mama, that was just luscious. Great job on the trailer as well. Your story will definitely make my tbb list, I can't wait to read more about James and Melissa.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Jennifer Mathis said...

ur a new too me author as well . congrates on the realease and the book sounds terrific :)

Shoshanna Evers said...

Thanks Darah :) And thank you Cathy and Jennifer!

jenniferprobst said...

HI Shoshanna,
I love the idea behind this book - absolutely fascinating and I can't wait to read it! I love my television but put myself on a strict diet so I can squeeze out time to write. Great interview.

Shoshanna Evers said...

Thanks Jennifer! Yeah TV can be such a time-suck! Lately what I need is an *internet* diet lol

s7anna said...

This sounds like a fab read! Looking forward to checking this out...


Shoshanna Evers said...

Thanks Anna :)

Shoshanna Evers said...

Congrats Jennifer Mathis, you win Punishing the Art Thief :) I'll email you! Thanks for commenting everyone, and thanks Darah for having me!

Shelley Munro said...

It always fascinates me as to where authors get their ideas. I love the sound of your story. Also the Christmas story sounds interesting.

Shoshanna Evers said...

Thanks Shelley!