Friday, August 20, 2010

The Lie Revealed and a Winner Drawn!

Thanks to all who played Catch Me In A Lie with me! It's been fun! Sorry it took me so long to post the winner. I've had a hell of a day, starting with having to go into work early and then getting off late!

As promised I will now reveal the lie and a few truths!

1. I did interior design for three years. I sold Home Interior and right away discovered people really wanted help designing their room, not just their wall. My parties turned into fun for all when we rearranged furniture, switched pillows in one room to fit better in another, or picked out the best drapes to match a room’s interior. LOL I had to give it up, though. There was no money in it without a degree.

2. I’ve walked in dinosaur tracks. About an hour or so from my home there is a large creek bed that has dinosaur tracks. When it’s dry--I’ve never known it to have water but I’m sure it does at times--you can walk the bed and study the footprints.

If I had one, I think I'd like this sexy little fairy!
3. I have a tattoo of a fairy on my ass. Yep, as most of you guessed, this was the lie. I do not have a tattoo of a fairy on my ass. In fact, I don’t even have a tattoo. But I’m curious. Why did most of you think I had one, just not a fairy?

4. I was once in a bar fight. Okay, not one of my finer moments. And I blush with shame when I think of it. But in my younger, wilder days, when I had no sense and a very short fuse (okay and there was a lot of alcohol involved), I got into a fit outside a bar. Funny thing is, I mouthed off to a couple arguing in the parking lot about making a scene in public.

5. I have a pair of boots signed by George Strait BEFORE he became famous. Well, the boots aren’t George’s, though I would have loved to have had him in a situation where he was bootless—preferably they’d have been under my bed. The boots are mine. I handed them to George at a bar he played at in my hometown. My daughters want the boots to wear (they’re back in style). My son wants to sell them. I have been known to threaten broken fingers for touching them.

6. It took me 4.5 hours to ski down a mountain because I’m afraid of heights. OMG, this is so true. It was my first and last attempt to snow ski. My dh (only my bf at the time) and I went skiing with some of his friends. I took lessons the day before but the altitude made me sick so I didn’t finish. The next day, one of the “friends” suggested a slope. A freakin’ Blue Diamond!!! It was so steep—not to mention HIGH—that I cursed and cried and slid all the way down that stupid mountain on my ass. My dh was so patient with me. In fact, the next night he proposed.

7. I was once a runway model. Yeah, okay, so I was six. My mom worked for Sears and they wanted family members of employees to model their clothing. All I remember is walking the runway in a yellow dress.

8. I won a kissing contest. Ugh, another embarrassing moment. Some friends and I were at a local festival where they wear badges that read “Kiss Me, I’m Czech.” Well, if you’re not Czech, you wear the one that reads “Kiss Me, I’m Ready.” (btw, you do know I write erotic romance, don’t you?) Anyway, the girls and I had a little contest to see who could kiss the most guys. I won and that’s all the info you’re getting!

And now you know way too much about me!

So without further disclosure, I’ll introduce the winner of the contest! Oh, and to make it fun, I’m giving away two prizes. One drawn from those who guessed the lie. And one from everyone who commented.

Winner 1: Rasha

Winner 2: Wanda

Please email me at to let me know which book you’d like and in what format.

Thanks for playing!


KyAnn said...

Oh my hell
those are fantastic!

remind me to take you to the bar when I go. you can be my bitch and kick ass when we get into trouble.:)

Darah Lace said...

LOL Not sure I'd be that much fun nowadays. One drink and I'd probably pass out!

Nina Pierce said...

Wow, of all these memes I think this is the only one I got right. And the tattoo? I think it's just because they're so popular that it's easy to believe you have one. (Did you think I was going with the whole sexy erotic writer image ... yeah, well there is that too. *g*)

flchen1 said...

That is AWESOME, Darah! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little ;)

And happy reading, Rasha and Wanda! Lucky you!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I've known you for what, seven years and you've never shared the George's boots story with me????? I'm stunned--and soo envious, LOL, I'll bet he was a total hottie back then.

Bar fight . You baaaa-aaaad thing. I was probably on my knees with my rosary while you were out honky tonkin' and brawlin'. Sigh. I'm so jealous!

Fun, fun post!

Darah Lace said...

LOL Nina, I'm glad you got one right finally. And yeah, I was hoping with the tatt and the model thing, I'd give off that sexy erotic image.

Fedora, you're welcome! Even though I feel almost naked for having revealed such naughty things about myself!

Nic, hmm, thought I'd shared the bit about the boots. I also have pictures with him with his arm around me. How jealous are you now? hehe

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