Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ex Appeal by Cari Quinn

Ex Appeal
by Cari Quinn

After reading Full Disclosure I couldn't wait to read the second book in the Hunk De Jour series, and Ms. Quinn didn't disappoint with Ex Appeal. Jenny and Ty were easy to relate to and root for. And the lengths Jenny goes to in order to get her ex--the delicious Ty--back is hot, hot, hot! I especially melted when Ty displayed his artist talent in a very special way to...well, you'll just have to read Ex Appeal to find out for yourself.

As the webmistress for one of the Northeast’s hottest dating sites, Hunk Du Jour, Jenny Talbot is no stranger to reading the applications of potential clients. But when the latest application that crosses her inbox belongs to Ty Randall, the guy she broke up with a mere twenty-seven days ago, she does a double take. Reading what Ty wants in bed not only gets Jenny hot, it also makes her rethink ending their relationship. All she longed for was a little more spice in the bedroom—okay, a lot more—but he let her go without an argument. Faced with the possibility that Ty may really be moving on, getting her ex back becomes more appealing than ever. But will revealing exactly what she needs allow Jenny to finally experience ultimate pleasure or will she drive away the man she loves for good?


Ty inhaled deeply. His head swam at the scent that filled his nostrils, an aroma that was all Jenny. His fingers clenched the door frame above his head as he took in the sight of her lying on the bed. Jesus, she was beautiful. Her skin glowed under the track lighting, and her cinnamon nipples protruded straight into the air like an invitation. The pain that had seized him moments ago when he’d walked in the unlocked door and heard her moans coming from the bedroom faded in a flood of lust.

He couldn’t stop the sounds that escaped him. Part groan, part growl, all need. Her gaze swung toward the door, her pupils widening until her hazel irises all but disappeared. He met her eyes briefly, electrically, before he deliberately shifted his attention back between her golden thighs.

Abruptly, her movements stilled.

They stared at each other in silent challenge. Her flushed face reddened more, the color inching all the way up to her hairline. She’d always been a blusher, but he hadn’t seen that reaction from her in too many years to count. It had been a long time since he’d flustered her, and he liked it.

For an instant, neither of them moved. Hello, awkward. But in spite of the strained circumstance of their reunion, he only wanted one thing.

For her to finish.

“Don’t stop,” he murmured.

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Cari Quinn said...

Darah, I'm so glad you liked Full Disclosure and Ex Appeal! Thanks so much for posting this! :)

Taryn Elliott said...

Wasn't Jenny and Ty's story HAWT?
Mercy..she just gets better with every book. I'm so glad to see an awesome review for my CP.

GREAT post, Darah.

Darah Lace said...

Cari - What's not to like?

Taryn - Ty was just so yummy in a real and endearing sort of way. I loved how he was such a guy in how he thought he was supposed to take care of her. And then how he figured out how it really worked. :)