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Coming August 1 - Claiming Sophia

Claiming Sophia
A MacTyre Valley Wolves Short Story
part of the Hot & Sticky: A Passionate Ink Anthology

He wants to claim her as his mate, but being a shifter isn’t his only secret…

Sophia Reed has yet to find a way to get her growling college crush to make a move. He’s put her in the friend zone even though the chemistry between them is hotter than the summer sun.

Brendan MacTyre aches to claim Sophia as his mate, but if telling her he is mac tíre—wolf—doesn’t scare her away, discovering the secret that he must share her with his pack brothers might. And she’s the one woman he doesn’t want to share.

Darah Lace enjoys a simple life with her husband and two dogs. She loves sports, music, reading/watching a good romance, and penning scenes that sizzle. She prefers a hero who demands that ultimate satisfaction and a heroine who isn’t afraid to explore her sexual fantasies. The author of spicy contemporary and paranormal romance, Darah will lead you on a journey of desire, seduction, and forbidden pleasure.
Claiming Sophia is the sequel to the MacTyre Valley Wolves series. Watch for book one in the fall of 2023.
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Monday, October 10, 2022

The Story of SAM

So, I came up with the concept for this book in the early 2ks, and at that time, it was never going to be BDSM. It was just one of those ideas that bounced around in the fantasy storage banks of my brain. Fast forward to 2008... I'd written a few BDSM books and thought, hmm, why not add the BDSM element to my favorite fantasy.

 The story came pouring out in a fun and steamy deluge, and it was finished quickly and ready to go with the title No Ordinary Sex Toy. But then life took a turn and I let doubt mess with my head. Who would want this book? I'm not talented enough. Sam (the MC's name and what I called the book ninety-nine percent of the time) was relegated to the digital shelf in the dusty vault of my computer.

Then the world turned upside down after a certain book and movie came out and BDSM was now popular in the mainstream. In 2016, I decided to dust off my book, expand it from 70k to 85k, and submit to one of the big five. Sigh. I'd missed the wave and received a positive rejection. They liked my writing but weren't looking for BDSM anymore. No Ordinary Sex Toy went back on the shelf, and I stopped writing. Not just because of the rejection. Just more life stuff.

In early 2022, I decided to try writing again. I'd done for others. Now it was time to do for me. It felt a little strange, and I was rusty as a barn door's hinge, but surprisingly, I popped off a 29k novella. I re-released the two books I'd gotten my rights back on way back when and wrote the third book in the series. That felt pretty dang good. My writing friends encouraged me to do something with Sam, and so...

The title had to change if I didn't want my book chained in the dungeon of the bookseller's magical castle. I'd always called it Sam, and it felt so natural to rename the book using the acronym in the book--Sexually Animated Male. And so, S.A.M. Satisfaction Guaranteed was released September 27 2022.

S.A.M. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hot of the assembly line, he's the perfect man. Too bad he isn't real...or is he?

As the CEO of one of NYC’s top ad agencies, Emma Raines devotes her time to stomping the competition in five-inch heels. She has no time for a love life, and her sex life is limited to a quarterly hook-up with a West Coast colleague. When her pent-up desire sends her to the discreet offices of Weston Inc., one glance at a picture of SAM—their newest Sexually Animated Male—and she’s dying for a taste of the more lifelike toy.

Sam Weston might be the genius behind the biomechanics of Weston, Inc., but the unexplained return of male sexbots by female customers has him scratching his head. When his cousin and co-founder cajoles him into a harebrained scheme to replace Emma’s order with himself, the nerd in Sam is convinced research outweighs deception. The Dom in him scoffs at the idea of
normal sex, but after one night of substandard vanilla sex, he’s determined to take control and give the feisty exec the dominance she craves.

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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Getting Lucky in London

I loved writing Getting Lucky in London, not because it was my first attempt at writing after an 8 year hiatus, but because I love everything British and it offered an opportunity to let my imagination run wild in England. A gracious friend from the UK helped me make sure I kept the characters, including the world they live in, accurate and seasoned properly with Brit flavor. Thank, Jude!

Getting Lucky in London

Passport to Pleasure

Art restorationist, Danielle “Daisy” Russo arrives in England looking forward to spending time with her brother. To her disappointment, he’s been called away. Luckily, he’s left her tickets to an art exhibit…and asked his friend, the hottie of her teenage dreams, to attend with her. When the sexy Londoner doesn’t recognize her, she uses her anonymity to live out a decade-old fantasy and sets out to get lucky in London. She’ll never see him again, right?

Playboy architect Michael Winters doesn’t really want to babysit his college buddy’s little sister. When Daisy is a no show and Michael’s last distraction tracks him down at the gallery, he asks the gorgeous brunette who’s been flirting with him from across the room to be his pretend girlfriend. After one incredible night, all he knows is her first name and that he wants more.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

End of His Rope...Finally!

When I first began writing Evan's story, he spoke so clearly to me. "I need to tell my story. I need to have my happily ever after." I apologize for taking so long, but I'm pretty sure Shayna was worth the wait.

End of His Rope

Book 3 of the Cowboy Rough Series

Houston attorney Evan McNamara likes to share his subs…but on his terms. Ten years ago, he lost control, believing he'd hurt the only woman he ever loved. When his brother is injured, he returns to the family ranch and discovers the woman he left behind is his brother’s nurse. She claims to want another rough, hard ride.

Memories still haunt ER nurse Shayna Webber. The night Evan took her virginity, he introduced her to voyeurism, ménage, and rough sex. When he left, he broke her heart. She’s tried to recreate that night over the years, but Shayna needs more than restraints and dominance. She needs to be at the end of Evan’s rope.

Reader Advisory: This story contains a rope play, ménage, and a ride ‘em cowgirl good time.

An excerpt from End of His Rope

“You gonna eat?” Josh tried to maneuver on a crutch through the maze of furniture. “She cooks like a dream.”

Evan’s stomach growled, reminding him he was hungry. But another part of him was hungrier, a part he couldn’t feed. That didn’t stop him from rising and running a hand over his hair to smooth out the hat creases. “Yeah, smells good.”

Josh nodded. “Right behind you. Just gotta put a shirt on.”

Without waiting to see if Josh needed help, Evan wandered down the hall to the kitchen. He stalled against the doorframe, suddenly not knowing where to stand or what to say. She seemed unaware of his presence while his body raged with so many emotions he couldn’t figure out which one to focus on first. He didn’t even try.

Better to see which way the wind blew. Taking a fortifying breath, he readied himself for the worst. Then again, it had been a long time and maybe she’d forgotten all about him and what he’d done to her. And maybe he’d grow wings and a halo. “It’s good to see you, too, Shay.”

A slight pause as she reached for the biscuit pan was the only indication she’d heard him or even realized he was in the vicinity. She shut the oven door, turned it off, and set the biscuits on the stovetop. “Supper’s ready.”

It was odd to see her in a domestic capacity, her actions precise and efficient as she fussed about, adding spoons to the bowls of steaming food and gathering condiments from the fridge. Everything smelled good, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her to check out what his growling stomach told him to get busy eating.

“If you’ll put the food away when you’re done,” she said, moving the salt and pepper from the stove to the table, “I’ll clean up in the morning.”

His gaze flew from her hands to her face. “You’re not eating?”

“I’m coming off a fifty-six-hour shift.” She wiped her hands on a dishtowel, then draped it over the back of a chair. “I’m about to crater.”

Disappointed but more than a little relieved, he turned sideways to let her by. But instead of brushing past him, she stopped in the doorway and laid a hand on his chest. His stomach clenched, and his heart slammed against his ribs.

“I promised myself,” she said as she rose on her tiptoes and leaned against him, “if I ever saw you again…”

Her other hand wound around his neck, and her gaze fell to his lips as she closed the space between them. He sucked in a breath, catching the vanilla scent that never failed to make him think of her. His dick swelled behind the fly of his jeans.

In the next heartbeat, her mouth met his, and her body, warm and supple, melted against him. Shock and uncertainty ricocheted through him, lust hot on their tail. He didn’t know why she’d want to kiss him after what he’d done, and he still wasn’t sure if she was Josh’s “the one,” but fuck if he cared. He wanted the kiss, wanted what it would lead to if she were willing.

His first instinct was to take control, but when her tongue flicked his bottom lip, he curled his fingers into fists at his sides to keep from hauling her closer. He’d lost control with her once and wouldn’t make that mistake again. He hadn’t known what he was back then, hadn’t known how to control his needs.

Instead, he opened for her, allowing her to explore at her own pace. Unlike her kisses when they first met, she wasn’t shy about her exploration. The kiss took him back to the time near the end, after he’d taught her what he liked and how to please him.

Her tongue danced around his, drawing him out, luring him into the hot cavern of her mouth. She sucked him deeper, her cheeks contracting around his tongue. His cock jerked at the first slow pull, and heat pooled in his balls.

The suction on his tongue eased, and the fingers at his neck slipped away. Her teeth nipped his lower lip. “Goodnight, Evan.”

Her slight weight lifted, and Evan opened his eyes as she turned and strolled down the hall, passing Josh, who, by his expression, had obviously seen the kiss. They both watched her round the newel post and trot up the stairs.

Josh gave a low whistle and wobbled closer. He didn’t look pissed or hurt, so maybe they weren’t a thing. “And here I thought the two of you parted in a bad way.”

Evan blew out a long breath and wandered into the kitchen. He slumped into the nearest chair. “We did.”

“Guess she’s not holding a grudge.” Josh settled across from him and handed him a plate.

“Guess not.” Every now and then, he’d thought about how it would play out if they ever met again. He’d expected the silent treatment, for her to pretend she’d forgotten him. Mostly, he figured there’d be some yelling, though Shayna hadn’t been a yeller. But he’d have welcomed a few pots and pans thrown at his head.

Not once had he ever imagined she’d kiss him like that. As if nine years hadn’t separated them, as if it were only yesterday they’d made out under the willow by the lake. As if he hadn’t taken her virginity in a careless manner, out of control with both jealousy and lust, then left town the next morning without a word.

“Looked like an invitation to me.”

Lost in thought, Evan barely heard Josh’s words spoken around a mouthful of buttered biscuit. An invitation? His dick jumped, ready to RSVP.

“All I know is—” Josh swallowed and took a drink of iced tea. “—if I got an invitation like that, I wouldn’t be sitting here with your sorry ass.”

Normally, Evan wouldn’t either. He was accustomed to going after what he wanted. But something he hadn’t felt in a long time crept up his spine and kept his sorry ass stuck in the chair. He’d like to think he knew better than to try to relive the past. But that wasn’t it. He’d like nothing more than to have Shayna in his bed, to make up for how he’d treated her before, to use what he’d learned over the years and give her the pleasure he’d denied her back then. Just the thought of her bound and gagged…

Fear. Plain and simple fear. And guilt. God, the guilt. What if he lost control again? Hurt her again? Shayna had a way of pushing his buttons like no other woman could or had since. Worse, she’d learn what he’d become. He wouldn’t be satisfied with vanilla sex, not with her, and he couldn’t look in those big brown eyes and see her disgust. No, better just to steer clear for the next few days. She’d be gone again Friday.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

It's your day, Mason & Bradi!

Mason & Bradi hope you enjoy their story!

Bucking Hard

Book 2 of the Cowboy Rough Series 

All her life, tomboy Bradi Kincaid has wanted two things—a career as a veterinarian in her hometown Grayson, Texas…and Mason Montgomery. Problem is, he’s her best friend and according to him she’s “one of the guys”. Convinced he’ll never see her otherwise, Bradi comes up with a sure-fire plan to get over Mason—flirt a little, dance a lot and get laid.

What Mason imagines doing to Bradi is just all kinds of wrong. But the woman on the dance floor isn’t the girl he grew up with. She’s hot and sexy and turning him on. Him and every other man in the bar. She’s also had too much to drink and is unaware of the trouble she’s inviting. He does what any friend would, he steps in, then sets out to teach her a lesson.

But before the sun rises, Mason discovers Bradi has a thing or two to teach him.

This story contains spanking, biting and some “tie me up”, bucking-hard sex.

This book was previously published.

Available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited:

Excerpt  from Bucking Hard:

Mason’s hips rolled with every sway of the saddle, and a different kind of moisture dampened the already wet crotch of Bradi’s panties. After years of fantasizing, she finally had him where she wanted him—between her legs. Too bad he was facing the wrong direction. And had on clothes. And didn’t know she was of the female persuasion.

He’d be a good mount. She’d heard enough over the years to be sure of that. Hell, she knew just by watching him walk. The man did more than walk. He sauntered and swaggered and strutted and… God, with every step, she imagined that same strong, sure rhythm pounding into her.

Her pussy clenched, and she groaned.

“What’s wrong?” His deep voice vibrated from inside his chest, tingling her taut nipples.

“Nothing.” She leaned into him under the pretext of getting more comfortable. If she was going to seduce Mason, she couldn’t come at him like a freight train. “I swear you always ride a bony-ass horse.”

He shook his head, and Bradi let go of the back of the saddle to reach for the chestnut waves below his hat. Her hand stopped short of sampling the hair overlapping his collar. She curled her fingers into her palm.

“What are you doing out here anyway?”

Oh, just stalling. “I needed to talk to you about something. And since you won’t return any of my calls, I was coming to see you. That thing does work, doesn’t it?” She patted the cell phone holster on his hip and laid her hand on his thigh as if it were the most natural place for her hand to land and that touching him didn’t make her fingertips tingle.

The hard, thick muscle covered in soft, faded denim tensed beneath her fingers, and Rocky shifted off the trail. Mason corrected him with a slight nudge with the opposite leg. “I’ve been busy.”

Bradi frowned but resisted the urge to thrum her fingers on his thigh. Not exactly the reaction she needed to boost her courage. She hadn’t actually set out to seduce him today. If she had, she wouldn’t have chosen this lousy scenario. Finally telling him how she felt about him was the original plan. But now that she’d thought about it, seducing him first might be easier. I love you might sound better after hot and sweaty sex.

Easier, my ass. She’d known him all her life, and not once had he ever looked at her as a woman. And maybe she wasn’t when she left for college seven years ago. But she’d changed.

Away from home, she didn’t have to constantly compete with the men on the ranch or work twice as hard for their respect and approval. In the city, and while focusing only on school—well, there were a few parties—she’d been educated in other ways. She’d learned to embrace her femininity. Hell, she’d reveled in it. Problem was, she couldn’t be a woman in Grayson. Every time she came home, she fell right back into old habits and a lifetime of insecurities.

After a couple of semesters it became “more economical” to get an apartment near the university instead of commuting. She’d made the argument of how hard it was to drive back and forth and still find time to study when, in truth, it just got too hard to be one of the guys. Harder still to watch the parade of women in Mason’s life. It seemed as if one woman slid out of his bed as another slipped in. And each was like a burr under Bradi’s saddle.

She’d tried to move on, dated other guys, even pushed herself to explore sex, hoping a physical connection with another man would prove her longing for Mason was just a juvenile crush. She’d learned a thing or two about who she was and what she wanted in a lover. But the ache never subsided.

So it was now or never. She had a decision to make about her future, and Mason was the deciding factor. He’d either see her as a woman or he wouldn’t, and she’d know once and for all that loving Mason Montgomery was a lost cause.

Resting her chin on his shoulder, she ached to strip away his shirt and bite the smooth, tanned skin beneath, then oh so slowly lick away the sting. “Busy, huh? I was beginning to think you were avoiding me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know. Ever since I got home, you seem busy.” Laying her cheek against his back, she closed her eyes and inhaled. Sweat, leather, soap, and Mason—damn, she’d missed his scent. She’d missed his friendship more.

Bradi wiggled closer. Solid muscle resisted the pressure and flattened her breasts. The seam of her jeans stimulated her swollen clit. Heat built low in her belly.

She eased her hand higher on his thigh. “Have you heard from Granddad?”


Setting her fingers at a steady thrum of impatience, she waited for him to elaborate. His grandfather was in Wyoming, visiting his brother. At least that’s what her mom had said. Bradi really missed the old man who’d played grandfather to her and both mom and dad to Mason after his parents’ death. “Well, how’s he enjoying his stay?”

“Okay, I guess.”

Bradi rolled her eyes. He was never what she’d call talkative. Neither of them were. But he’d never seemed this reluctant to spare a few words. “You going to Clay and Lindsey’s engagement party tonight?” And are you taking a date?

“Yeah.” He switched the reins to his left hand and propped his right hand at the crease of his thigh between her hand and her target. His elbow bumped her arm, knocking her hand away and forcing her withdrawal. “I want to talk to Bill Shipley. Rumor has it he’s selling off that bull of his and I want it.”

Blocked but not giving up, Bradi let go of the cantle completely, placed both hands at his waist, and waited for another opening. “Bill’s selling Mack?” So named because he was built like a semi truck. “Is something wrong with him? Want me to go check him out before you make an offer?”

“Nah, Doc Harper says he’s healthy. Checked him out last week. That’s who I heard about it from.” He smiled at her over his shoulder, melting her with those sultry brown eyes, then suddenly scowled and looked straight ahead again. “Doc’s excited about getting you settled at the clinic. He couldn’t stop talking about it.”

“Yeah.” Guilt washed over her, yanking her out of their comfortable chatter and reminding her how many lives would be affected by her decision. Since the moment she’d made up her mind to become a veterinarian, Doc Harper had taken her under his wing and promised that when she was done with school and ready to intern, he’d have a spot for her. And when he retired, he’d turn over his practice to her. The plan was ideal, and her future was set.

But over the last few months, she’d almost dreaded the idea of coming home and settling down, which made the job offer to intern with the rodeo circuit more enticing. The circuit was never in one spot for long, offered a variety of experience, and was nowhere near Mason.

“You going to the party?”

Bradi shrugged, suddenly more depressed than horny. “I’m supposed to help decorate later, but I don’t feel much like sticking around.”

The ranching community was widespread but tight knit. Everyone knew everyone, and the party would probably be fun, but Bradi couldn’t think past the man in front of her and what he’d say when she finally worked up the nerve to spill her guts.

“Mom said Catie went a little overboard with this shindig. I think she’s excited to see her brother finally find someone. And Lindsey being her best friend…” Just the thought of seeing Clay with Lindsey and Catie with her husband and all the other happy couples made Bradi want to throw up. But Catie was depending on her.

More likely, Bradi was next on Catie’s list and would be the victim of some matchmaking scheme. She snorted and adjusted her weight. Just what she needed.

“Will you be still?” Mason leaned forward. “And scoot back. There’s only room in this saddle for one.”

Cheeks flaming, Bradi sat up straight and grabbed the cantle. Moisture pricked her eyelids. It wasn’t the first time he’d rejected her touch, but she couldn’t hold back the irrational anger that instinctively surfaced to cover her embarrassment and hurt. “Geez, sorry. I didn’t mean to be such a burden.”

“You’re not— I’m just— Hell, let’s just get home.” Mason kicked Rocky into a swift trot.

Bradi tightened her legs around the horse and her grip on the cantle as Rocky’s stride lengthened into a gallop. Wind whipped her hair from her ponytail and into her eyes, but hell would freeze over before she used him as a shield. That would involve touching him again.

The ranch house came into view, and a minute later, Rocky slowed to a trot. The second the horse stopped in front of the barn, Bradi launched herself off his back and headed for the house. She’d have to call her dad to come get her. Her mom was at the beauty shop.

Before she could take two steps, strong fingers clamped around her arm and swung her around. “Bradi, wait.”

She tried to squirm free, but he latched on to both arms. Her eyes welled up. God, she hated to cry. Tears were a weakness, and she refused to let anyone see her that way, especially Mason. “Don’t worry. I won’t bother you again.”

Mason backed her up, sandwiching her between Rocky and his tall, hard body. “I’m sorry. It’s just hot outside, and I’m not… Shit, are you crying?”

“Hell no, I’m not crying.” She wrenched one arm free to rub her face. “My hair blew in my eyes.”

“Look at me.” He hooked his fingers under her chin to tip her face up. Eyes the color of maple syrup studied her face. She jerked her head to one side and looked away, then trembled as one finger stroked her jaw. “Wind doesn’t make your nose run.”

His tenderness deflated her anger and brought more tears to her eyes. She sniffed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get all emotional. I have a lot on my mind.”

“And I’m an ass.”

Her lower lip trembled as she tried to form a smile. “Won’t argue that.”

The chuckle she’d hoped for didn’t come, and if possible, his scowl deepened. His thumb grazed the corner of her mouth. “Bradi, I’ve been thinking—”

Behind him, the sound of wheels on gravel drew their attention. Sun glinted off the windshield of a silver luxury sedan, and Bradi’s heart sank.

Mason glanced over his shoulder. “Shit.”

He stepped back as Cal Wilson, gray, weathered, and bowlegged, ambled from the barn. Heath Jordan was right on his heels, his youth and agility evident in his cocky swagger. All three men watched the door of the vehicle open and a pair of long, bare legs unfold from the front seat. Deidre Latham stood, tall and sleek, dressed in a strapless turquoise sundress and silver high-heeled sandals. She leaned against the car and raised a slender arm, bracelets sparkling, to brush a lock of hair from her face.

It was like watching a beer commercial. She had that perfect model look. A look Bradi couldn’t compete with on her best day. She heaved a defeated sight. “That’s my cue to go.”

Mason looked down at Bradi, and she wanted to crawl under a rock. Compared to Deidre, she probably looked like she’d just come from under one. “Give me five minutes, and we’ll go up to the house and talk.”

“She’ll want more than five minutes.” Bradi stepped around him. “Can one of you guys give me a ride?”

Heath dragged his gaze from Deidre and smiled. “I’m headed to town. I can drop you off.”

Cal shuffled to grab Rocky’s reins. “I’ll take him, boss.”

Mason looked torn, and if it hadn’t hurt so bad, Bradi might have laughed. But her stomach rolled, her heart pitched, and her throat tightened. He took a step in her direction. “I thought you wanted to talk.”

She glanced from Mason to Deidre and back again. Her eyelids burned as she shook her head. “That’s okay, Mason. I know what I need to do.” She turned away and jogged after Heath. Opening the door to his pickup, she wiped her face to make sure it was dry and jumped in. “Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem.” He grabbed the keys from the visor and shoved them into the ignition. “Hey, are you going to the party tonight?”

She shook her head. “Mmm, I don’t think so.”

“That’s too bad. I thought you might save me a dance.”

Bradi tilted a feeble smile at Heath then looked out the window. He put the truck in gear, backed up, then shot forward. Mason’s gaze lifted as they approached, and Deidre laid a hand on his chest. Except for the irritated expression on his face when they passed, Bradi had to admit they made a beautiful couple.

Swallowing hard, Bradi pivoted in the seat to face Heath. Nothing like Mason’s brooding dark looks, Heath’s blond charm had stolen many a girl’s heart. Bradi shook her head. “I’m sure your dance card is already full up.”

“Nah, I always have room for a sweet thing like you.”

A chuckle bubbled from somewhere inside her, probably bordering on one of those hysterical laughing fits that ended in an emotional breakdown of uncontrolled sobbing. She had to get her mind off Mason before she made a fool of herself. “Are you flirting with me, Heath Jordan?”

His gaze roamed down her body and back up, pausing at her chest, then rising to her face. His eyes seemed alive with surprise. “I think I just might be, Bradi Kinkaid.”

With a glance in the side mirror, she watched the man she loved slowly disappear from sight. He’d made the choice for her and, hard as it was, she had to let him go. She had to move on for real this time. No looking back.

“So what do you say? You gonna break my heart?”

Bradi laid her head back against the window and studied Heath’s lean body. He wasn’t as broad in the shoulder as Mason, but he was just as tall and strong. He had good hands, and unless she was mistaken about the bulge behind his fly, a nice package, too.

Perhaps she should go to the party. Flirt a little, dance a lot, and—she looked into Heath’s twinkling eyes—maybe she’d even get laid.

The first step in getting over Mason Montgomery.


Available at Kindle Unlimited: