Friday, October 28, 2016

Yes, Master is Back!

Yes, Master is finally back out and with a new cover! I'm so excited to have this little gem released again. Here's a teaser for those of you who didn't read it the first time.

Sometimes the only answer is...Yes, Master.

Tara Sherwood never dreamed she’d let a man put her in chains, call her pet, and spank her into submission, or that she’d derive pleasure from punishment. But her future hangs in the balance and the choice is simple—walk away or kneel at the Master’s feet.


“Are you afraid?” The deep, sinful tone barely registered over the pounding in her ears.
Was she supposed to respond? Wasn’t there something about never speaking without permission? Until she learned the punishment for breaking that particular rule, she dared not answer.
Booted feet appeared before her and a pillow fell at her knees. “Put this under your knees.”
Tara followed the command without hesitation and nearly groaned at the cushiony relief from the cold, hard concrete. She had been so intent on making a good impression, she hadn’t realized how much her knees were suffering. Tonight was her introduction into the lifestyle, and she so wanted to do this right, to learn how to please, but more than that, to be able to embrace a submissive role. Her future depended on it.
Long fingers stroked her jaw, then tipped her face upward. Habit made her want to meet his gaze. She’d been brought up to look into the eyes of those she conversed with. But a stronger urge to please kept her eyes lowered and locked on the spot just above his waistband. A ripple of abs as he shifted his weight to one foot drew her attention to the line of hair trailing from his bellybutton to the top of his pants.
Saliva flooded her until-now parched mouth. She’d explored Simon’s treasure trail many times with kisses that eventually lead to his ragged whisper of her name. Thoughts of sucking this man’s cock, long and thick and straining against the buttery-soft leather of his pants, hearing him cry out his release… She swallowed hard, wishing he’d give her permission. She wouldn’t have waited for Simon’s consent. She’d have taken the initiative, taken what she desired.
He tilted her head higher, and his thumb traced her bottom lip for a long moment. Was he thinking the same thing she was? Did he want her to blow him? If she looked into his eyes, would she see longing there? His grip on her chin tightened. “I asked if you are afraid. You will answer me.”
The floodgate slammed shut, and the Sahara took residence in her mouth. Shit. She’d made him angry. Simon never got angry. He was the gentlest man she’d ever met.
Stop thinking of Simon!
She swallowed again, a dry lump sticking in her throat. “N-no.”
He acknowledged her answer with a grunt, as if he didn’t believe her. “Look at me.”
Wary of his quiet command, she was equally surprised at the flutter it caused in her lower belly. And here she’d been afraid she wouldn’t like being told what to do. Who knew? She peered from beneath her lashes into his hypnotizing gaze.
“You have nothing to fear from me.” His hand fell away, and he took a step back. “Since you are a virgin sub, I’ll allow for your ignorance. There will be no punishment tonight. But if you return, I won’t be as lenient. Do you understand?”
So he would go easy on her tonight. She wasn’t sure if she felt relief or disappointment. Maybe both. “Yes.”
“It is my task to train you in the expected behavior of a submissive. At this moment, you may answer my questions freely and ask your own, but once the session begins, you will not speak unless I ask a question. You will, at all times, address me as Sir or Master. Do you understand?”
Yes, she’d read something about addressing one’s Dom with respect. “Yes, Master.”
He nodded his approval. “Nothing will take place that you don’t wish. While I maintain control of you, you maintain control of what is allowed. At any time you want to stop, you have but to use the safeword. Tonight, we’ll keep it simple. Green for everything is good. Yellow if you’re uncertain of the direction our play is headed but you don’t want to stop completely. Red ends the session. No and stop will have no effect. Do you understand?”
It seemed simple enough. “Yes, Master.”
For the first time since entering the room, he let his gaze drop below her face and roam the length of her body. Her nipples puckered beneath his perusal, and she fought the urge to cover them. When he glanced lower, her pussy clenched, and an altogether different flood trickled from her slit. She’d shaved, leaving her mound bare and her clit exposed.
“Very nice.” Slowly, his attention returned to her face. “Do you have any questions before we begin?”
She’d had a whole list of questions earlier, but at the moment, with him looking at her as if he wanted to eat her alive, her mind went blank. They’d have to wait until after. “No, Master.”
He nodded again. “I have one for you.” He drew closer, and she had to crane her neck to look up at him. “Do you trust me?”
Trust him? This brooding stranger of a man? Yet as she searched his eyes, so mysteriously shadowed and now riddled with hunger, she could say without a doubt that she’d trust him with her very life. 
Tara lowered her gaze, falling into the role she was there to learn. “Yes, Master.”

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Monday, August 31, 2015

End of Summer Blow-Out Sale!

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 Sexting Texas

Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of his.

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After a long business trip, the last thing Spencer Preston wants is to attend a masquerade party. His plan? Get in and get out. However, an encounter with a hot she-devil changes his mind, especially when the siren behind the sequined mask is the prim and proper, no-nonsense, secretary he’s been fighting an attraction to for months. Suspicious of her dual lifestyle, he slips on his mask and sets out to discover her secrets.

Melody Jamison hates hiding behind her plain-Jane persona, but her last job ended in sexual harassment. To get a promotion at Preston Enterprises, she needs to show Spencer she’s more than just a pretty face. The only problem is, she’s got the hots for her boss. When a friend convinces Melody a masquerade is the perfect place to let her hair down without revealing her true persona, she agrees to night out. But she never dreamed she would meet a mysterious masked stranger who makes her body hum like only Spencer can.

But there’s a corporate spy running loose at Preston Enterprises and with Melody at the top of the suspect list, Spencer must continue the charade as her masked lover in order to uncover the truth. His hotter-than-Hades assistant proves reluctant to part with answers, yet more than willing to play with fire, drawing them into the flames of a sexual fantasy neither can forget.

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Bachelor Auction

Marcus Preston wants a relationship built on love and trust, but the woman he wants made it clear long ago she's only interested in fun and games. Yet, moving on proves difficult when no one else can erase the memory of the night they shared last summer.

Charlotte Reese doesn't believe in love, marriage, or happily ever afters. An occasional one-night stand is all she needs to take the edge off her loneliness and enhance the bad-girl image. An image she uses to discourage commitment-seeking men—especially Marcus, the only man to melt both her body and her heart.

When Charlotte wins Marcus hot off the block of Houston’s Most Eligible Bachelor Auction and they’re forced to spend the weekend together, she seizes the opportunity to seduce him. It's the only way to extinguish the attraction sizzling between them once and for all. But for Marcus, it’s all or nothing. He won’t be seduced. Instead, he’ll show Charlotte she has more to offer a man than sex.

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 Join us for a Hot SEALs Summer on Facebook!

I'll be co-hosting with Desiree Holt from 6-7 p.m. I'm giving away a copy of SEXTING TEXAS and a $10 Gift Card from Amazon. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Celebrating Memorial Day with a Naughty Hottie Blog Hop!

Nice Girls Writing Naughty Celebrating
Memorial Day with Naughty Hotties!
Wouldn't you like to?

#eroticromance #hotties #ngwn #cowboy

Here's a taste of my sexy hero from SEXTING TEXAS.

Will dabbed at a rack of baby back ribs with the last of his homemade barbeque sauce and lowered the lid to the grill. He turned to the masterpiece of deliciousness he’d left unfinished on the picnic table. "Sorry about that, darlin'."

Texas looked at him from slumberous green eyes, hungry and impatient. Her lithe body glistened in the sun, naked atop the red and white checkerboard table cloth.

“Ready to finish what we started?” Before having to stop to check the progress of the ribs, he’d painted her with barbeque sauce in all the strategic places and licked, sucked, and nibbled it off, savoring the spicy flavor mixed with her sweetness. He picked up one of the bundles of bacon-wrapped asparagus, hot off the grill but cooled enough not to burn, and lightly grazed the tips across her lips.

They parted and her tongue slipped out to circle the tips. His cock jerked and bumped her elbow, aching to feel that talented tongue glide across its swollen and throbbing head. She’d insisted he be naked, too, while they played their backyard barbeque game, so he stood in nothing but his boots and hat.

Her hand lifted off the table and reached for him but she stayed her hand. “I’m not done with you yet.”

A sultry smile tweaked her shiny lips. “God, I hope not.”

Will was tempted to kiss her but his plan was to start lower and work his way up.

The asparagus trailed from the hollow of her throat to the valley between her breasts, leaving a path of bacon-y residue. Around the peaks of her breasts, over the plains of her tight abdomen, to the rise of her golden treasure. On second thought, maybe he’d work his way down.

He laid his tasty paint brush back on the plate. “Ready or not, here I come.”

“Oh, I’m ready, but I’m the one who’s going to come.”

He chuckled, braced his hands on the table on either sides of her hips, and lowered his mouth to hover over hers. “You bet your sweet ass you are.”

Meet Will and Texas in SEXTING TEXAS, part of the TEXTING ALL HEARTS boxed set. This scene isn’t in the book, but I imagine it’s what would have happened on Memorial Day following the hot steamy summer and even hotter winter nights after their story.

If you’d like to try your own version of Will’s paint brush, here’s a quick and easy and taste bud tantalizing dish that’s great with any meal:

Wrap a piece of bacon around 4-5 stalks of asparagus (baby asparagus is my fav). Place in a metal backing pan that you don’t mind blackening on the grill. Sprinkle with pepper and garlic powder. No need for salt due to the bacon. Repeat until you have enough to serve then place the pan on the grill until the flowered tips of the asparagus crisp and/or the bacon is done. The oven works too if you don’t have a grill.

I hope you enjoyed a taste of Will and Texas. If you'd like to read more about them, click here.

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For a chance to win an e-book from my back list just leave a comment below and tell me if you like asparagus and how you like it cooked.

Have a Safe, Happy, and Sexy Memorial Day!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sexting Texas - Texting All Hearts Boxed Set

Sexy Me Once ~ @MySexySaturday

#MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS82


Sext Me Once...Sext Me Twice...Sext Me Once Again...

Seven sexy sentenses to whet your appetite.

And it wasn’t as if they’d do more than share a few naughty words. What harm could it do?
Besides get yourself so excited you have to find relief alone?
Wouldn’t be the first time she’d done that, and wasn’t that the plan anyway?
Thumbs poised to respond, Texas quieted the voice of warning. Once the text went out, there would be no turning back. Releasing a long breath, she typed out a message and hit send.

Sexting Texas is part of the TEXTING ALL HEARTS boxed set.

Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of his.
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